Gecko Press website banner from Annual, a rustic shack missing part of its roof


Activity sheets

The following activity sheets are downloadable. Please download and print out as many as you like.

Send us an email if you would like activity sheets from a particular book and we will see what we can do!

From Gus’s Garage by Leo Timmers

Draw and colour
Draw-in the missing animals and colour them in

Gecko Press actibity sheet from Gus's Garage

From Annual, edited by Kate De Goldi and Susan Paris.

Annual maze by Gavin Mouldey
Find your way through the maze to the island of Misplacia!



From Mrs Mo’s Monster by Paul Beavis

Monster maze
Find your way through the maze

Gecko Press activity sheet for Mrs Mos Monster, make it thorugh the maze

From That’s Not a Hippopotamus by Juliette MacIver and Sarah Davis

Colouring activity
Can you spot the Hippopotamus?

That's not a hippopotamus activity sheet

From Detective Gordon by Ulf Nilsson and Gitte Spee

Colouring activity
Print this out on a BIG piece of paper for everyone to colour in together.

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