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Behind the scenes with Paul Beavis!

Paul Beavis Gecko Press

How do you make a picture book? What happens when things aren’t going to plan? How do you get through the longest to-do list in the world? Paul Beavis, award-winning author and illustrator, takes us behind the scenes over at The Sapling.  We’re particularly fond of stage 5!  

Helper and Helper visit the Marlborough Book Festival

A free session with Joy Cowley and Gavin Bishop at the Marlborough Book Festival.

Annual is a PANZ Book Design Awards winner… times three!

Annual has won the Scholastic New Zealand Award for Best Children’s Book, the Mary Egan Publishing Award for Best Typography, and the first Hachette New Zealand People’s Choice Award. A big congratulations to Spencer Levine, and to all of the winners and finalists. How lovely to have your beautiful books celebrated. To read more, visit… Read more »

Sainbury’s Children’s Book Awards

The shortlist for the Sainsbury’s Children’s Book Awards has been announced, and Little Rabbit is in good company!

Curiously Good Event: Pizza and books

Our most recent Curiously Good Book Club event brought reading (and pizza) to three primary schools.

Drawing inspiration with Kieran Rynhart

Kieran Rynhart Gecko Press

“I wanted my images to fill out this child’s inner world and imagination, and to give it a sense of space and a sense of feeling of a child who knows a little bit of solitude, but also knows joy and humour as well”

Wolf Erlbruch, ‘a careful and caring visionary’

Gecko Press spot art from Duck Death and the Tulip, death looks peacefully over duck, a tulip is in the foreground

“Children do not need pink elephants or cute cats. They want more interesting stories that are new to them.”

Curiously Good Book Club Event: Reading-alouding!

Come to Porirua Library and learn how to be a a good reader-alouder! 

The Curiously Good Book Club – thank you to everyone so far!

Gecko Press is in the last days of our crowdfunding campaign to help build the Curiously Good Book Club – the deadline is 6 pm June 21. The aim of the Club is simple – that every child loves to read. To do that, we want to take books to places and people where they are not… Read more »

All the Wonders of Don’t Cross the Line!

Gecko Press website banner from Don't Cross the Line

Break the rules and step across the line! This month, Don’t Cross the Line! is featured over at the beautiful picture book blog,  All the Wonders.

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