A two-level story through the eyes of the baby elephant, who has
a very wise and good mother.

Julia Marshall, Publisher

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My Mama


A cheeky baby elephant describes his mother while we follow another story in the illustrations—familiar and funny for both parents and children.


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  • Description

    I’ve known my mama for such a long time. For my whole life, actually.
    My mama loves playing with me and my cars. I like that, as long as mama tidies up the cars afterwards.
    I’m good at hiding. No one can find me, not even my mama … and then suddenly I shout, “PEEKABOO!” My mama’s scared to death! I laugh and laugh.
    At night, my mama shakes the stars off my pants. I give her a big hug and say. “Goodnight stars, see you tomorrow!”

    A cheeky elephant tells all about his mother in this lovingly drawn story. Both parents and children will delight in and recognize this gorgeous mother–child relationship—if not for the same reasons.

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    Country of OriginNetherlands
    Reader Age2-5 year
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