a gem filled with colour, humour and wonder, and treats children as capable, clever humans.

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Egg and Spoon: An Illustrated Cookbook

2021 NZCYA Book Awards winner of the Elsie Locke Award for Non-Fiction.

Egg and Spoon is a beautiful illustrated cookbook for children—and adults—that celebrates imagination, confidence and the fun of cooking

Written by Alexandra Tylee and illustrated by Giselle Clarkson

  • Description

    2021 NZCYA Book Awards winner of the Elsie Locke Award for Non-Fiction.

    A scrumptious collection for anyone who loves good healthy food— and an occasional indulgence. Here are after-school snacks, breakfast on a stick, cakes, slices and dinners. Egg and Spoon is for children learning to cook independently and families to enjoy cooking together. Much of the food is naturally gluten-free or vegan.

    Alexandra Tylee is the owner and chef at Pipi Café, a little pink house, cottage garden and pizza truck. Pipi celebrates eating together and taking pleasure in small things—hot chocolate in a special cup, foraged food, a boiled egg slipped into a pocket for later. Tylee trusts children to choose flavours and handle equipment in this joyful book that will set them on a lifetime love of healthy cooking and eating.

    Giselle Clarkson’s illustrations are scrumptious and subversively playful.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin New Zealand
    Reader Age 8-12 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Volume Books

      it’s good and it’s fun—and beautifully illustrated by Giselle Clarkson. So many cookbooks aimed at children fall flat—they are either too easy or too difficult, or they over-explain which leads to confusion rather than clarity or leave a little bit too much to the imagination. Tylee has the pitch just right.

    2. Dimity Powell, Dim’s Write Stuff

      Tylee flavours each entry with her unique humour-infused candour, sharing anecdotes and memories; the very stuff good meals are made of…I wager this cookbook will become a stalwart kitchen companion for many teens and young adults leaving home as well because it covers the basics, the favourites and the slightly exotic-sounding must-tries…There’s even a Keeping Safe in the Kitchen chapter that highlights the obvious in a way that is non-condescending and relatable for first-time cooks. Superb!
      Egg and Spoon is a cookbook all about inclusiveness and enriching not only ones palate and food knowledge but also ones confidence and abilities in the kitchen. I absolutely LOVE it right down to the thoughtfully included TWO page-saving ribbons, because one is never enough, right! This makes a luscious gift for Christmas or indeed anytime for young (and not so young) people with even the merest interest in feeding themselves.

    3. The Spinoff, Twenty books that were a tonic in 2020

      There are bright ribbons to mark your place, and it’s allegedly for kids but the food will appeal to grown-ups, too… There are no duds, no “Oh god, sorry love, let’s not attempt that.” Egg & Spoon is going to win a bunch of prizes, promise. I wish all books for children were made with such care and joy and expertise.

    4. The Sapling, Bookshop List: Good Books from Good books

      This is a beautiful object – it has TWO sewn-in ribbons to mark your place – and is pitched at “foodie” kids. It’s not trying to be simple or safe with its recipes or ingredients, and that feels refreshing in the world of children’s cookbooks. Yum, yum, yum.

    5. The Listener, 50 Best Kids’ Books of 2020

      A decadent, rule breaking match made in cookbook heaven

    6. The West Australian

      If Roald Dahl wrote a cookbook, this would be it…there is such a sense of whimsy and rule-breaking that is so Dahl-like. Giselle Clarkson’s dazzling and unique illustrations also add to the fun. This is a cookbook for children but not in the “wow let’s make some fudge!” type of book. It explains cooking simply and with humour from how to boil an egg to making quick after-school pasta. It is a beautifully presented book that can be savoured both in and out of the kitchen.

    7. Kids Books We Love

      This is a great little cook book for learners. If your children are watching Junior MasterChef and wanting to do some more serious cooking then this would be a great cookbook to try. There are lots of handy hints, clearly outlined ingredients lists and also safety information as well.

    8. Mr Loves Bookshelf

      an excellent illustrated cookbook for children and their families to enjoy!…I found this cookbook to be really personal and full of recipes that the whole family can enjoy making…It’s FULL of great ideas and useful tips that encourage families to get creative in the kitchen. A great resource to embrace our little master chefs at home and to enjoy spending time together

    9. NZ Poetry Box, Paula Green

      the best cookbook for children (and adults) ever…Alexandra’s recipes are very easy to use. You are guaranteed something that is very tasty and very good for your body engine. You are guaranteed to have fun making things and even greater fun eating them.

    10. dish Magazine

      bound to appeal to junior MasterChefs and busy parents alike…Egg & Spoon is designed to teach kids (and remind grown-ups) that cooking can be a joy, not a chore – and sometimes just a little bit magic. Many of the recipes are nutrition-packed and/or gluten-free or vegan, but you won’t find earnest reminders to ‘eat your veges, children’ on any of these pages. Instead you’ll encounter playfulness…If you want to feed your children’s creative side (and get some help in the kitchen at the same time), Egg & Spoon is the perfect place to get cracking.

    11. Wairarapa Times Age

      Her illustrations bring Tylee’s dishes to life through playful, jubilant graphics. The decision to use drawings rather than images of the food speaks to the childlike bent of the book, which encourages its young chefs to use their imagination, and to create food without an idealised model in mind.

    12. NZ Booklovers

      The recipes in Egg & Spoon are inexpensive, tasty, creative, and fun to make. And the playful illustrations by Giselle Clarkson add greatly to its appeal. It is a great cookbook to make children excited about cooking.

    13. Kapiti News

      Beautiful presentation, clear and easy to follow with tips on foraging, the basics, creative recipes that will be sure to delight.

    14. The Sapling

      If you’re looking for a cookbook that will feed the mind and fill the heart, look no further than Egg & Spoon…It’s a fun collection of healthy and easy-to-make meals for children and its pages are filled with vibrant illustrations that pulse with colour and imagination…Egg & Spoon is a treasure. It’s a gem filled with colour, humour and wonder, and treats children as capable, clever humans.

    15. Hawkes Bay Weekend

      Egg & Spoon would be a perfect family Christmas gift.

    16. Dominion Post

      Giselle Clarkson is a master of food illustrations…she can make any recipe look good enough to eat.

    17. Kids’ Book Review

      What I loved about this book was the discarding of hard and fast rules. Cooking is likened to a wonderful journey of discovery; finding what works for you. What an amazing lesson for children to learn!…Every recipe from Cauliflower Pizza Base to Watermelon and Feta Salad, has their pages filled with coloured illustrations that appear thrown on the page in abandon by illustrator Giselle Clarkson. It’s a wonderful effect. Gorgeous, quality paper is used in all Gecko Press’ books as in this one. A stunning lipstick red cover displays a boiled egg with a gold crown on top, sitting in a white egg cup. Very effective.

Available worldwide from your local bookstore or online.

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