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A Perfect Wonderful Day with Friends

Happy and healthy category finalist, Teach Early Years Awards 2022

This big-hearted picture book captures the warmth and fun of a spontaneous summer’s day with friends, where one lovely activity leads to another until they all go back home to bake a cake (two cakes!) to finish.

Raccoon decides to bake an apple cake. But he has no eggs, so visits his friend Fox, who needs a ladder to mend the roof. Badger will have one, but he needs help too, so they set off to find Bear. They stroll through meadows, meet up with Crow, nibble blackberries and find Bear fishing at the river. Soon the five friends are having the best day out—the sun shining on their fur, fishing, swimming, picnic and finally home to bake the cake—two cakes, because bears have big appetites.

A Perfect Wonderful Day with Friends is a picture book to instantly capture the heart. Laconic narration, funny dialogue and exquisite illustrations tell the story of a carefree childhood day.

Philip Waechter is one of Germany’s leading children’s author/illustrators with a beautifully classic illustration style.

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Translated by Melody Shaw

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  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Germany
    Reader Age 2-5 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Teach Early Years Awards

      Happy and healthy category finalist, Teach Early Years Awards 2022

  • Reviews

    1. Jean Little Library

      It’s just so peaceful.

    2. Becca’s Book Box Fave Fiction of 2022

      We love all the hidden details in the illustrations and it truly makes us laugh out loud!

    3. Poetry Box

      A pitch perfect read. The kind of book that makes you feel good about the world, no matter what is going on.

    4. Readings Bookshops

      This nostalgic story of friendship explores a warm and relaxing summer’s day where anything is possible. You’ll never want this perfect wonderful day to end.

    5. My Shelves Are Full

      Glorious illustrations will have the reader dreaming of their perfect summer day with friends (and warmer weather)!

    6. School Library Journal, Betsy Bird

      It’s the kind of life any kid would love to live. Beautiful.

    7. YA Books Central

      A softly told and gentle picture book that will work well for young readers.

    8. CCBC Website

      A subtly patterned, clever cumulative story.

    9. Olivia the Librarian

      Waechter’s succinct, humorous narration expertly paces the story and the timeless illustration style captures the joy and delight of time spent outdoors and with loved ones.

    10. Luminous Libro

      It’s so sweet how the friends all take time to appreciate the activities they are doing with their friends. They just really enjoy spending time together!

    11. Midwest Book Review

      This fine story of friendship and fun creates an engaging scene of cooperative thinking and group participation, teaching kids about aiding others in the process of seeking help for their own needs.

    12. Portland Book Review

      5/5 stars. A perfectly enchanting book—don’t miss it!

    13. Just Imagine

      A real treat. The book says a great deal about priorities, compassion and slowing down to really be present with people – or it could say nothing at all, but just be enjoyed as a relaxing and peaceful tale.

    14. The Spinoff

      A bucolic delight

    15. Youth Services Book Review, starred review

      This is a winning picture book that is sure to inspire adventures on the lazy days of summer.

    16. Lancashire Evening Post

      The perfect picture book story to celebrate the simple joys of the great outdoors, and the warmth and fun of sharing time with friends.

    17. ReadPlus

      The illustrations stand out and children will love picking out the details, while the repetition of language and musical text make an irresistible read aloud begging children to join in.

    18. Red Reading Hub

      Philip Waechter’s intricately detailed illustrations of bucolic contentment brought about by these elements work harmoniously with his heartwarming story.

    19. The Wall Street Journal

      It all adds up to a calm, happy, perfect, wonderful day that young readers and their parents will find almost as nice as the real thing.

    20. School Library Journal, Betsy Bird

      A picture book about simply being alive. This is a story about a day when you are being observant and finding adventure wherever you can.

    21. Volume Books

      Charmingly written, this is a good read-aloud with its repetitive structure and snippets of humour and the right amount of text to keep young ones engaged.
      I love this semi-circular domino-style storytelling — where one action leads to another and builds a community of characters and interactions.

    22. Booklist

      Friendly characters, a satisfying story, and a happy ending for all. A rewarding choice for reading aloud.

    23. Publishers Weekly

      In spreads by Waechter, clear, carefully worked drawings capture the merry detritus of daily life inside and out of doors, tree leaves worked in delicate labyrinths of ink.
      The secret to happiness lies, this jovial book hints, in welcoming every new event and participating wholeheartedly.

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