Unexpected giggles await with every page turn.

Starred review, Publishers Weekly (US)

My Pictures after the Storm

A funky little children’s book that takes the “before and after” concept to unexpected places.

Written by Eric Veillé

Translated by Daniel Hahn

  • Description

    A gust of wind, an elephant, a dive bomb, a spell: this funky “before and after” book will have you chuckling!
    What happens to a lion after the storm? His mane is swept into a dishevelled mess. What becomes of a pear after an elephant passes by? Pear jam! A frog after a spell? A prince. And the room after a battle? A big mess!

    Comical illustrations, witty wordplay, and new rhymes and jokes to find with each re-reading.

    A funny children’s book for ages 2 and up.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin France
    Reader Age 0-2 year, 2-5 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Walking Brain Cells (verified owner)

      Much more than a concept book, this is a funny and wry look at the chaos of life before and after.

    2. Telling Tales (UK) (verified owner)

      My Pictures after the Storm will have you chuckling at the after-effects of a dive bomb, a hairdresser, a flu, and more. A brilliant before and after book!

    3. Readings (AUS) (verified owner)

      Eric Veille’s droll illustrations are vibrant and bold, and he leaves plenty of space for readers to interpret what’s happened in between.

    4. The Horn Book (US) (verified owner)

      Provocative delight

    5. Teach Primary Magazine (verified owner)

      Simple yet brilliant … The impact and humour is largely visual, which is great for your littlest learners; but there are funny and clever captions for all the drawings, too, giving an extra level of comedy for a more sophisticated audience

    6. The Source (verified owner)

      Eric Veille’s fertile imagination (and witty, pared-down illustrations) will have the adults laughing louder than the children.

    7. The Guardian (verified owner)

      Clever, playful, with a mordant edge, this is sophisticated silliness in warm shades of red and yellow, asking sly questions about the relationship between words, pictures and meaning.

    8. Midwest Book Review (US) (verified owner)

      Clever, funny, and unfailingly entertaining from beginning to end.

    9. The Wall Street Journal (US) (verified owner)

      At turns sublime and ridiculous… This is a terrific little book that will amuse all out of proportion to its size.

    10. Kirkus Reviews (US) (verified owner)

      Every kindergarten classroom needs a copy for children to pick up and browse. There’s a lot to enjoy. Expect many laughs.

    11. Toddler Things (UK) (verified owner)

      There’s plenty of scope for discussion and lots of humour in the illustrations and text.

    12. Starred review, Kirkus (US) (verified owner)

      The comical contrasts between the befores and the afters will elicit chuckles, and filling in the betweens can only add to the fun. Droll, imagination-stretching ways to get from here to there, from this to that, from now to later.

    13. Starred review, Publishers Weekly (US) (verified owner)

      Unexpected giggles await with every page turn.

Available worldwide from your local bookstore or online.

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