...likely to stop even non-bookish kids in their tracks.

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Poo Bum


Simon is children’s favourite cheeky rabbit!

Written by Stephanie Blake

Translated by Linda Burgess


  • Description

    Poo Bum is a popular picture book by Stéphanie Blake.

    Once there was a little rabbit who could only say one thing…

    The little rabbit is loved by his family, even though when they ask him a question, he answers very rudely.

    In the morning his mother would say, “Time to get up, my little rabbit!”
    He’d reply: “Poo bum!”

    At lunchtime his father would say, “Eat your spinach, my little rabbit!”
    He’d reply: “Poo bum!”

    One day, he meets a hungry wolf. Will the little rabbit learn his lesson once and for all?

    A genuinely funny story whose humour still amuses on repeated readings …
    TVNZ Lifestyle, November 2011

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin France
    Reader Age 2-5 year, 5-7 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Discover Children’s Books

      Poo Bum is a brilliant, fully-rounded, funny, clever book and one that will delight children and their adults over and over again.

    2. Travis Jonkers, 100 Scope Notes, School Library Journal

      I . . . I don’t even know how to describe this book. Okay I’ll try. A bunny with a potty mouth is eaten by a wolf. But that same potty mouth is what ends up saving the little rabbit. If you’re looking for a slightly naughty read aloud that is likely to bring the house down, this is the book for you.

    3. Baby Bookworms

      The illustrations are colourful, bold and simple. The repetitive words “Poo Bum!” will have kids engaged and participating with the text. They will want to go back again and again to enjoy this irreverent book of toilet humour. The book is so fun and I highly recommend it.

    4. The Ladybug Reads

      This book may be a masterpiece.

      I’ve read so many children’s books that, when one of them stands out, I notice. Poo Bum is simplistic, with no lessons learned. The illustrations are garish and silly. The story consists of a rabbit repeating a scatological phrase. But, you know what? It made me laugh. I can totally see this being a favourite of little kids, thanks to its hilarious absurdity.

    5. Outside in World (UK), December 2013

      A very funny, irreverent story that will be enjoyed by both children and parents. The surprise ending in particular, will create a lot of giggles and even some chuckles from adults too.

    6. Rhino Reads (UK), November 2013

      Hurrah for a book that celebrates silliness and encourages children to test their boundaries and play with language… this is a book that can unite three generations of a family in silliness and pre-school anarchy… All hail Stephanie Blake for showing children as they really are.

    7. Wild and Grizzly Blog, October 2013

      With my toddler’s love of the word poo and the erupting belly giggles that followed who could say no to this good book… sure to become a kids fast favourite.

    8. Playcentre Journal, Autumn 2012

      What is funnier to a child than good, old-fashioned toilet humour? And what better vehicle for toilet humour than a little rabbit who can say nothing but `Poo bum’?

    9. The Source, December 2011

      The cover says it all. A cute little white rabbit smiles at the reader and says, Poo Bum. The knowing smile confirms that the young rabbit knows that it is using taboo words.

    10. ‘The Best Picture Books for Children’, The Guardian (UK), December 2012

      …likely to stop even non-bookish kids in their tracks.

    11. Widge Reviews, July 2012

      This is a delight to read, with a message too, and older kids will enjoy reading it aloud and not being told off for using some particular words!

    12. Around the Bookshops, February 2012

      Children will revel in this story with its bright illustrations, endearing characters and the licence to use `forbidden’ words…Recommended.

    13. Swings and Roundabouts, Autumn 2012

      This book will delight any child who adores ‘toilet talk’ especially 3-4 year old boys… Poo Bum is a genuinely funny story with bright bold illustrations. Perfect for reading aloud at mat time, that is if you don’t mind a little bit of anarchy, especially with the perfect twist at the end.

    14. Good Reading magazine (Australia), February 2012

      It’s a laugh a page. With its bold illustrations and its cheeky ending, it’s bound to be loved by children and adults alike.

    15. Sunday Star-Times, February 2012

      I found it funny. Ten-year-old found it funny. Seven-year-old considered it hilarious and 2-year-old laughed because everyone else did. What couldn’t you like about a potty-mouthed rabbit?

    16. Oh Baby magazine, December 2011

      Poo Bum’s potty humour is sure to thrill your toddler as nothing delights more than naughty words and rude noises and here they’re matched by cheeky illustrations of a mischievous bunny. Worth a giggle for the whole family.

    17. ‘Tessa’s top title’, Create Readers blog, National Library of NZ, December 2011

      This boldly coloured picture book is another of Gecko Press’s wonderful translations with excellent illustrations and a little bit of shock value …`Dirty Bertie’ was a firm favourite of Tessa’s so there is no surprise that this has been met with equal enthusiasm. The novelty for young kids at hearing an adult say `poo bum’ out loud and their double take is priceless. Adults will probably be divided about this book and will either love or hate it. Children on the other hand, will love it for sure!

    18. ’50 Best Children’s Books of 2011′, The Listener, December 2011

      Scatological writing doesn’t usually impress me – but the plot of Poo Bum is hilarious. Stephanie Blake is a big seller in France. Find out why.

    19. Running Furs blog, November 2011

      The sort of book that subversive aunts and uncles buy. It is big, bold and colourful. Rabbit’s expressions are conveyed with wondrous simplicity in a mere seven brushstrokes and the angle of his ears. Children will love this book because it is slightly risqu‚ but you do need to know the family before you buy it. Kids aged 3 upwards will laugh uproariously.

    20. Kitty as a Picture blog, November 2011

      Delightfully unpredictable, quirky and amusing, finishing on a humorous note. The large type is perfect for kids learning to read, and the content is certain to amuse and make the book an all-time favourite. Some may hesitate [at first…] but all that came from our reading is a whole bunch of giggles. Thankfully `poo bum’ has not become a large part of my daughters vocabulary; the book captured her attention and imagination more than most, and that surely can only be a good thing.

    21. TVNZ Lifestyle, November 2011

      Poo Bum is a genuinely funny story whose humour still amuses on repeated readings – a huge drawcard for those of us who may have to read the same book over and over again.

      The text and stylish illustrations make this book appealing to adults, but the real question is will children love it too?

      In my focus group of one, my daughter was entranced by the boldly drawn illustrations and loved it when I said the oft-repeated catch-phrase, dissolving into laughter at mummy being so naughty.

      Poo Bum is exactly what we’ve come to expect from a Gecko Press release – a childhood gem.

  • Reviews

    1. School Library Journal

      A slight but lively book, which will delight readers who want to repeat “fart” and “poo” for the rest of the day. 

    2. Karen Price

      My kids really love this book! Bright, bold, simple illustrations really complement the simple story and catch young kids’ attention. They very quickly catch on to the repetition of ‘poo bum’, and love to read along with me. I really like that this story uses colloquial language and breaks down boundaries around words often considered ‘inappropriate’. It’s great to see a book that refers to body parts/actions, and encourages kids to talk about them. A recommended read!

    3. Deb

      It seems at once too simple and too complicated but this book struck just the right note with all three of my kids (aged 5, 3 and 1.5). It had them in fits of giggles and my son’s face lights up whenever he sees the cover.

    4. Ange Beaumont

      My 4 year old absolutely loves this book! Anything to do with toilet humour he finds absolutely hilarious so this is the perfect book for him. With super cute, colourful illustrations and a funny story your child will be reaching for this book over and over again at story time!

    5. Bronwyn

      Such a funny book – my 3 year old boy loves it! Keeps those naughty words in check by making it ok to say them every now and again. What little boy wouldn’t love this book full of funnies. Will be getting the next one out too

    6. Lauren Fischer (5 years)

      At the beginning (and through the book), Simon the Rabbit says: ‘Poo bum,’ and at the end he says: ‘Fart!’ [Lots of chuckles]
      I like the bright, colourful pages.
      What I don’t like about this book: I don’t like that the wolf ate the rabbit! (But it is still a happy ending!)

    7. D Hardy

      My 28 month old loves this book. He knows when to say Poo Bum and Fart at the end without prompting!!! I read the story and he fills in the gaps per say. Lots of giggles and farts. Can’t wait for the sequel Stupid Baby out in October.

    8. vickym

      We have just purchased this book for our four year old son…and he now knows it off by heart! That tells me its going to be around a long time, and I am sure it will delight lots of children…especially those little boys who seem to love those words like poo and bum! Its a nice easy story to read aloud and has brilliant bright endearing illustrations. We love it!

    9. Zac

      Children of any age love toilet humour, so what better book to appeal to them than Poo Bum by Stephanie Blake. Once there was a little rabbit who could only say one thing – Poo Bum. Whenever his parents or his sister ask him to do something, this is what he says. But what happens when he meets a wolf who wants to eat him?

      Children are in fits of giggles even before you open the book and you know they’re going to be rolling around on the floor by the end of it. The story and illustrations are so simple but they make a winning combination. The danger (and fun) of this book is that children start to join in with you. However, they don’t see the surprise ending coming, which sends them into fits of giggles. Poo Bum is sure to be a favourite of children everywhere and the book that parents will have to read again and again.

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