Clearly, one animal’s clutter is another pig’s livelihood in this buoyant, rhyming tale.

New York Times

Gus’s Garage

Leo Timmers at his best: effortlessly simple text, intricately detailed illustrations, and vehicles galore.

Translated by James Brown

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  • Description

    In Gus’s Garage, one by one Gus’s friends bring him their vehicles. Gus solves their troubles with ingenious solutions—a cooling system made with a fridge that doubles as ice-cream machine, a burst of speed from a rocket blaster.

    Soon the workshop is almost empty, but the last scraps might be just enough to solve Gus’s own problem at the end of a long day.

    A children’s picture book for ages 2 and up.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Belgium
    Reader Age 5-7 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Imagination Soup

      Do you like to tinker?! Gus does. Gus’s friends visit him with their various problems for him to solve with inventions. Rico needs a bigger seat on his scooter, Gina needs a warmer neck in her car (she’s a giraffe), Miss P. needs refrigeration, and so on. Watch how Gus uses the materials in his full garage to build inventions for his friends. Gorgeous illustrations & inspiring inventions.

    2. Bookwagon (UK)

      ‘Gus’s Garage‘ is a delightful story. We suggest it is likely to become a reading favourite, both as a title to look over and reread alone, and a first choice bedtime reading book to share.

    3. New York Times (US)

      Clearly, one animal’s clutter is another pig’s livelihood in this buoyant, rhyming tale.

    4. My Best Friends Are Books (NZ)

      One of the things that I love the most about Leo’s illustrations are the vibrant colours that he uses. His illustrations seem to shine on the pages.

    5. Kids Book Review (AUS)

      Warm, beautifully crafted and stacks of recycled fun, it’s always a pleasure to see what Leo Timmers will get up to next.

    6. What’s Good To Do (UK)

      An excellent children’s story where the pictures tell their own story and the rhyming sentences make it fun and entertaining. We loved it.

    7. Jean Bennett, Bookrapt (NZ)

      Leo Timmer’s brightly-coloured illustrations are eye-catching and humorous. He highlights the individual aspects of the animal characters finding ways to cope in an urban environment. Several birds in the background provide a sub-story of their own as they watch Gus go about his work. There’s a wealth of detail in the assortment of tools and materials that he puts to good use.

    8. Sarah Forster, Booksellers NZ

      The most magical picture books tell their story in images, as much as in words. Gus’s Garage, by Leo Timmers, is the best example of seamless storytelling I have seen recently, joining Timmers’ other wonderful books for early picture book readers.

    9. Storywraps

      I highly recommend this book and I know you will be thrilled with Leo’s fabulous acrylic illustrations and the witty details he’s included into each one. “Gus’s Garage” is a book not to be missed.

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