Good Night Sleep Tight by Kirstina Andres, Gecko Press


Earning the turn

By Rachel Lawson The page turn is at the heart of the picture book. Unobtrusive or dramatic, satisfying or surprising, it makes a picture book sink or sing. The turn of a page speeds or slows the pace, sets us up and rewards us, reveals a joke or surprise, draws us carefully through a story… Read more »

Happy birthday at Bologna Book Fair

At Bologna Book Fair in April 2024, Lerner Books held a special reception to celebrate the acquisition of Gecko Press and its 65th birthday. Below is the hello goodbye birthday speech from Julia Marshall. Thank you to Rob Sharp for the photographs, taken serendipitously as he was walking in the porticos and thought this looked… Read more »

Humour, heart and human nature for early readers — Gecko Press junior fiction

At Gecko Press we have a fondness for books for six- to nine-year-olds, especially ones that appeal to children with a dry sense of humour. In the same way that trees suddenly appear grown, we now have a wonderful collection of illustrated junior fiction. Our first published book was a chapter book—Can You Whistle, Johanna?… Read more »

Can I Sit in the Middle?: Q&A with Susanne Strasser

Susanne Strasser

Like all my books in this series, the story has a cumulative structure that increases up to a surprising twist, finally resulting in an unexpected happy ending.

This increasing structure automatically creates expectations and growing excitement.

Hilary Tapper on creating a beach storybook

Hilary Tapper holding a copy of At the Bach

Kia ora! Hilary here, the illustrator of At the Bach.

Creating this book was a really special process for me—I got to focus on creating a book about the delight of ‘baches’ in New Zealand culture.

The creation of Have You Seen Dinosaur?

Have You Seen Dinosaur and Have You Seen Elephant sitting on a table.

This month we’re celebrating the release of my latest picture book Have You Seen Dinosaur?, lovingly published by the wonderful Gecko Press. So in honour of this event I’d like to invite you into my studio.

Giselle Clarkson’s life as an observologist

Giselle Clarkson holding a copy of The Observologist

Hello! I’m Giselle, author and illustrator of The Observologist: A Handbook for Mounting Very Small Scientific Expeditions.

I’m absolutely fascinated by all the smallest details in nature. I especially love tiny invertebrates. I wrote this book because I want to share all my favourite things about them with other people.

Book list: 21 of the best leporellos

By Mel Schuit of Let’s Talk Picture Books Mel Schuit is one of our favourite children’s book bloggers, especially for her “Let’s talk illustrators” interviews with children’s book illustrators, full of interesting questions about the process of bookmaking. This month, we are releasing our first leperello—Look by Gavin Bishop—so we are sharing Mel’s book list… Read more »

When Dad’s Hair Took Off UK blog tour

When Dad's Hair Took Off vacuum cleaner

Last week, When Dad’s Hair Took Off went on a whirlwind tour of UK reviewers.

Read what they had to say about Dad’s Hair’s adventures below.

Admirable mothers in picture books

For Mother’s Day, we are noticing books that demonstrate good parenting—often without the child realising. The Poo Bum series is one.