Good Night Sleep Tight by Kirstina Andres, Gecko Press


Book list: 21 of the best leporellos

By Mel Schuit of Let’s Talk Picture Books Mel Schuit is one of our favourite children’s book bloggers, especially for her “Let’s talk illustrators” interviews with children’s book illustrators, full of interesting questions about the process of bookmaking. This month, we are releasing our first leperello—Look by Gavin Bishop—so we are sharing Mel’s book list… Read more »

When Dad’s Hair Took Off UK blog tour

When Dad's Hair Took Off vacuum cleaner

Last week, When Dad’s Hair Took Off went on a whirlwind tour of UK reviewers.

Read what they had to say about Dad’s Hair’s adventures below.

Admirable mothers in picture books

For Mother’s Day, we are noticing books that demonstrate good parenting—often without the child realising. The Poo Bum series is one.

The House that Jack Built in Aotearoa New Zealand schools

House That Jack Built 3 Gecko Press

This picture book tells the story of colonisation in Aotearoa for our tamariki and our rangatahi.  They can look at and see and feel–what happened here, what was the impact, what changed in Aotearoa from page one to the end of the book? This book is a huge asset as a launch pad for deeper learning for our students.

An English version as entertaining and easy as the original

The Moon Is a Ball Dutch cover

My primary task as a translator was to reproduce the flow and fun of the stories, making the English versions as entertaining and easy to read as the originals. Of course I didn’t try to do this by simplifying Panda and Squirrel’s plans, but by taking slight liberties in the literal content to maintain clarity.

The many wisdoms of Detective Gordon

We frequently follow Gordon’s policies on small cakes, namely to introduce one to a situation wherever possible. To mark the final book in this junior fiction series, we collected five of our (other) favourite wisdoms.

Be kind to the duck

Written by Julia Marshall, founder of Gecko Press.

We are celebrating the life of Wolf Erlbruch, who died this week aged 75.

Duck, Death and the Tulip is a pivotal book for Gecko Press, one of the books I am most proud to have on our list.

Bookmaking bests of the Gecko Press year

By Rachel Lawson, Publisher at Gecko Press.

Every book is a careful process of translation, editing, design, layout, proofreading and printing — with small and big decisions from all of those involved and at every stage that change how the book will be for its readers. Here are ten decisions that I’ll remember from the year we’ve had.

Studio tour: Clotilde Perrin and her monsters

For the release of Gotcha!, Clotilde Perrin took over our Instagram for a look inside her studio and at her work in progress. She shared images and video of original artworks and a bookcase bursting with books about monsters and fairy tales.