This is a sweet bedtime book for little people to read before they nod off themselves.

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Tickle My Ears


A sweet and simple interactive boardbook that offers a irresistible new bedtime ritual.


  • Product Description

    In Tickle My Ears, it’s getting late and Little Rabbit must go to bed. Can you help him?

    When Little Rabbit asks “Tickle My Ears?” a wonderful new bedtime ritual begins:

    Clap your hands, fluff the pillow, give Little Rabbit’s ears a tickle, stroke his back, pull up the covers and a goodnight kiss. And don’t forget to turn out the light: here’s the switch!

    Enjoy this sweet interactive animation where you can tuck Little Rabbit in, tickle his ears, kiss him goodnight and turn off the lights here.

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    Reader Age 0-2 year
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  • Reviews

    1. :

      Mühle’s amiable cartoon illustrations, featuring the bunny alone on soft-hued backgrounds, make every action inviting enough that maybe—fingers crossed—tots might take to bedtime just as seamlessly.

    2. :

      Soft, crayonlike outlines and some lovely touches (Little Rabbit’s rosy cheeks have the texture of thumbprints) help establish a quiet mood that could help pave the way for smooth bedtimes on readers’ parts, too.

    3. :

      This a such a lovely book and would be great for reinforcing bedtime routine with little ones who are, let’s put it politely, resisting! It’s also one of those board books that’s a lovely size for little readers to ‘play’ with by themselves… It’s cute, it’s quirky, it’s interactive. What’s not to love?

  • Reviews

    1. :

      My kids (4 and 6) LOVE this book. It is a quick read, but it lets them interact with the story. Great for bedtime!!

    2. :

      A beautifully illustrated and delightful book which encourages interaction from the reader.

    3. :

      A lovely, fun and engaging board book for bedtime.

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