This portrait shaped board book, with bold black outlines around strongly coloured pictures, is a magnificent creation

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I am the Wolf…and Here I Come!

Watch the wolf put on his trousers, his T-shirt, his socks, and more. But what is his plan once he’s fully dressed?
Careful—he might bite!

Written by Bénédicte Guettier

  • Description

    This boardbook has extra-thick board pages and strong cloth binding that will withstand many reads (it will need to!). It’s a French bestseller, with bold illustrations and simple text, great for reading aloud, with a fun ending guaranteed to get giggles. It’s also good for discussing getting dressed and different items of clothing.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin France
    Reader Age 0-2 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Readings “Five Books I Loved Reading to My Baby”

      This French bestseller is a lightly interactive book that will withstand repeat reads. Your child will love the anticipation that builds with each turn of the page as the Big Bad Wolf gets dressed for his day, starting with a pair of rather silly underpants.

    2. Book Wagon (UK)

      This portrait shaped board book, with bold black outlines around strongly coloured pictures, is a magnificent creation. The sequence, picture clues,repetition, anticipation and suspense offer an ideal early reading opportunity.

    3. Best Children’s Books 2015, Minnesota Library (US), December 2015

      [We recommend] this book for anyone with a new baby. It features a wolf who is ready to go – he just needs to get dressed first.

    4. Sunday Book Review, New York Times (US), May 2015

      This wonderful, extra-chunky board book reads vertically, with each tall spread showing a jaunty, grinning wolf in the stages of getting dressed.

    5. Starred Review, Publishers Weekly (US), January 2015

      Gentle narration and the wolf’s semi-clothed state create a sense of security, which makes the book’s last-page twist hit its mark perfectly, delivering a just-scary-enough jolt to surprise and delight

    6. Kids’ Book Review (AUS), November 2014

      Uproarious … Super thick board pages make it mighty sturdy, and bold imagery will please both kids and graphic design lovers.

    7. Booksellers, We Love Books (NZ), December 2014

      Perfect for anybody with a toddler … It has even earned itself an envied spot on the roster of `books I read every night to my 2-year-old’.

    8. Page and Blackmore Booksellers (NZ), November 2014

      What’s he going to do when he’s ready? Well, what do you think! We shriek. And start all over again.

    9. Waikato Times (NZ), November 2014

      This particularly sturdy, small format board book is designed to be used repeatedly with littlies – from birth to two and maybe three year olds, who will continue to respond and shriek with laughter. It is simple, bright and bold.

    10. Kiwi Families (NZ), October 2014

      I can see why it’s a hit! 20 pages of thick board book fun, with a great ending, make for a wonderful read … I love this little book.

    11. Read it, Daddy! (UK), October 2014

      I love books that allow a bit of play-acting and you can imagine this bright and colourful board book being a huge hit with little ones as you slowly turn each page over to show what Wolf wants to do next … A great little sturdy board book with that awesome quality of allowing mums and dads to build up to a big wolfy surprise ending!

    12. Library Mice (UK), October 2014

      A fabulous tale which will have little readers screeching at the last page. Guettier’s artwork, bold and bright, is perfect for toddlers … The small format of this board book makes particularly toddler-friendly and the sturdiness of the pages is such the books feels next to indestructible, and parents of toddlers will know just how important that is!

    13. Book Trailers for Kids and YA (NZ), October 2014

      This is a great new board book for wee ones … Even adults will have a giggle.

    14. Bookrapt (NZ), October 2014

      [A] vibrant, well-bound board book … Be prepared for squeals and shrieks from the children on the last page. Best read during the day when energy levels are at their peak.

    15. Bob’s Books Blog (NZ), September 2014

      Outstanding. I read it to my pre school granddaughters this morning. They loved it and I know what book is on the menu for bed time.
      For preschoolers and junior primary children. The thick boards mean they can handle it, chew it, throw it in the bath and get the feel for books.

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