There is an endearing complexity to this cute little chick... Delightful—will surely bring smiles to readers’ faces.

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Pablo is a fresh and funny story for babies and toddlers about stepping out on your own into a bright new world.

With the little chick Pablo, we discover our five senses and take a first flight.

Translated by Antony Shugaar


  • Description

    Shhh! Pablo is asleep. This is his last night inside the shell. Tomorrow he’ll come out. But he’s a little shy so starts with a very little hole… Tap tap!

    Pablo is fresh and funny story about stepping out on your own into a bright new world. With the little chick Pablo we discover up and down, forward and back, shapes, the noises and smells of the outside, and take a first flight. It’s not scary at all! Especially not if you keep a little piece of home with you, in case you need it later.

    “This deceptively simple book contains so much in its gentle black and white story. Pablo shows that being curious and eager to get out in the world is quite compatible with shyness and caution.” -Julia Marshall, Publisher

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Belgium
    Reader Age 0-2 year, 2-5 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Little Cub Literacy

      A perfect and uplifting story for any child hesitant about an upcoming change, this one is a joy to read!

    2. Waking Brain Cells

      The art is simple and very funny. Perhaps most delightful is the final reveal of Pablo freed from the black egg.

    3. Wandering Bookseller

      I love the size of this book and its bright cover offers a promise of what might hatch.

    4. Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

      Paced perfectly for the preschool audience at which it’s aimed, and featuring simple designs, … this one is a keeper.

    5. Picturebook Pile

      Fun graphics and a simple, yet exciting little story

    6. Foreword reviews

      With a touch of color at its close, the book reminds children that, even as they grow and change, a piece of home is always with them

    7. Youth Services Book Review

      Bold, simple, stylized art plays with perception, as the crisp black and white Pablo as an egg, yields a soft, fuzzy yellow Pablo as a hatched chick. I like also how the senses come in to play as he hatches – there are onomatopoeia for the first sounds he hears. A clever book.

    8. YA and Kids Book Central

      Pablo is a charming and fun read about experiencing new things, with some fun counting, sensory, and directional details. Recommend for a broad range of ages from infants through early elementary school readers.

    9. Luminous Libro

      5 stars. I loved this cute book!…The illustrations are very minimalist with simple black and white art, until the last page when we get to see Pablo’s fluffy yellow feathers. I love the art style! I think it’s very effective.

    10. Kirkus Reviews STARRED

      Though the images may be black and white, Pablo is no black-and-white character. There is an endearing complexity to this cute little chick… Delightful—will surely bring smiles to readers’ faces.

  • Reviews

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