The interactive components are fun, and foster kindness and empathy. But most of all, I love how empowering they are for children

Otago Daily Times

Poor Little Rabbit!


Now a set of three! Perfectly simple interactive board books for babies who love to take care of Little Rabbit—can you help by wiping his tears?

A perfect first book for babies or toddlers.

Written by Jörg Mühle

Translated by Catherine Chidgey



  • Description

    Oh no, Little Rabbit has hurt his arm. And there’s blood! Can you help him? Blow gently three times, try a plaster, a rhyme, but he’s still crying… Let’s give his ears a stroke and wipe his tears. There, all better! Off you go, Little Rabbit!

    A perfect first book for babies.

  • Book Details

    Reader Age 0-2 year, 2-5 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. The New York Times

      This brilliant board book invites a child to “help” someone else who’s hurting — which works wonders to induce a calmer state of mind. Little Rabbit has fallen down and scraped his arm, leaving a red mark. Your toddler is invited to “try blowing on it.” Uh-oh: On the next page, Little Rabbit wails, “There’s blood!” A Band-Aid (with bunnies on it, of course) appears. “Can you put it on?” comes next, but tears still stream down the distressed bunny’s face. And so on, until the bunny feels better — and, chances are, your toddler does too.

    2. Midwest Book Review (US)

      Jorg Muhle’s “Poor Little Rabbit” is a perfectly simple, entertaining, and interactive board book for children ages 5 to 6 who love to take care of Little Rabbit. Like Jorg Muhle’s two previous board books, “Poor Little Rabbit” is unreservedly recommended for family, daycare center, preschool, kindergarten, and community library board book collections.

    3. The Book Chook

      I loved that Mühle weaves interactivity into the tale, inviting kids to blow on the wound, cover it with a bandaid etc. The artwork is perfectly aimed at toddlers too.

    4. Youth Services Book Review (US)

      This book is really totally Too Cute! Muhle captures perfectly the emotions that Little Rabbit experiences when he falls.

    5. Otago Daily Times

      This delightful book and its predecessors appeal on several levels. The interactive components are fun, and foster kindness and empathy. But most of all, I love how empowering they are for children, who help Little Rabbit through experiences and activities they themselves may find challenging.

    6. The Guardian

      For the very smallest, Jörg Mühle’s beloved bunny returns in another perfectly judged interactive board book… it falls to the reader to console him with bandages, rhymes and ear-strokes, allowing toddlers to revel in their own kindness and maturity.

    7. Lancashire Evening Post

      With its gentle, appealing story, interactive fun and adorable illustrations, this clever, captivating book speaks volumes to youngsters who like to play their part at story time!

    8. Book Trailers 4 Kids and YA (NZ)

      Little rabbit is a wee series with a delightful character who will become a firm favourite with young readers as they explore little adventures in each of his books. A gorgeous book to add to a baby’s first collection.

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