I get asked to read again and again. That’s the sign of a really great book!

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I Want Spaghetti!


Once there was a little rabbit who only wanted to eat one thing…SPAGHETTI!


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    From world-famous Stephanie Blake (Poo Bum) comes another picture book about the cheeky little rabbit. This one is perfect for toddlers who might recognise themselves in Simon, the fussy eater.

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    Country of Origin France
    Reader Age 2-5 year
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      If what you are looking for is a fun, brightly coloured book, with a charming and humorous story that teaches the value of doing what is right, through to a story that is great for both a bedtime story and for your child as they learn to read themselves, then this is it. And a perfect book to read to fussy eaters!

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      What’s wonderful about these books is they help both parents and children to talk about difficult behaviour. . Helping a child laugh about their own fussy eating and fickleness helps address the big emotions that come with these situations.

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      This would be an excellent book in the `social learning’ field, for autistic children who often have difficulty interpreting facial expressions, and will also be great for kids of 2-5 years. It is a funny, visually appealing book!

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      A laugh-out-loud picture book featuring a character that both kids and adults love. . I have read [it] to kids in schools around Christchurch and kids of all ages love it, from 5-year-olds right through to 12-year-olds. In fact, the Simon the rabbit books are the most requested books that I get asked to read again and again. That’s the sign of a really great book!

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      A charming fable of family relationships.

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      Has taken first place as our favourite bunny book. . Parents of toddlers and young children will think that Stephanie Blake has been spying on them at meal times. . A very clever, simple story sure to delight the fussiest of children.

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