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Super Rabbit


Another classic in the best-selling series about Simon, a cheeky little rabbit who knows just what he wants.


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    Once there was a little rabbit… “I’m not a LITTLE rabbit! I’m Super Rabbit!”

    Simon is not afraid of anything. He’s Super Rabbit! But one day when he goes out to save the world, he comes across a situation he wasn’t expecting.


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    Country of Origin France
    Reader Age 2-5 year
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      This is such a gorgeous book with wonderful illustrations with bright colours, simply constructed giving the little person being read to no doubt as to what the story is about.

    2. :

      Stephanie Blake’s stories about Simon, a small, irreverent rabbit, are nose-snortingly-laugh-out-loud with bold, colourful illustrations. Her new one is called Super Rabbit.

    3. :

      Blake’s bold, richly coloured illustrations will capture any child’s imagination… The facial expressions and body language of Simon, his mum and especially the cat, who follows Simon’s antics, are hilarious.

    4. :

      For those who loved Simon, the cheeky rabbit in Stephanie Blake’s Poo Bum, this will be another fun read.

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