Lynn’s intricate cartoons provide scope and setting and much of the fun as well as thought-provoking details.

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Leilong the Library Bus


A library-loving picture book in which an enthusiastic dinosaur absorbed in storytime threatens to flatten the library—until they decide to take the books outdoors.

Leilong’s friends are taking him to story time at the library. But it’s difficult for a large brontosaurus without a library card to follow all the rules. Especially when Leilong gets caught up in the story and joins in. Is Leilong too big for the library, or is the library too small?

This library-loving picture book reminds us how it feels to be transported by story.

Written by Julia Liu, illustrated by Bei Lynn and translated by Helen Wang.

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  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Taiwan
    Reader Age 5-7 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Midwest Book Review

      This charmingly entertaining and library loving picture book reminds children age 4-8 just how it feels to be transported by a unique, original, and enchanting story.

    2. Baby Bookworms Blog

      The fun illustrations are wonderful. They are full of detail and expression . It’s always a pleasure to support and celebrate books, librarians, libraries and story times. I highly recommend Leilong the Library Bus!

    3. NetGalley-Librarian

      The simple colour palette nicely offsets detailed illustrations to create pages young readers will likely return to again and again.

    4. Kirkus Reviews

      Text and illustrations are perfectly matched here. Via Wang’s smooth translation from Chinese, Liu employs simple, direct third-person narration, enhanced by intriguing dialogue and winning characters. Lynn’s intricate cartoons provide scope and setting and much of the fun as well as thought-provoking details.

    5. Collected #27 SLANZA

      A fun way to look at big or small, half full or half empty scenarios and thinking outside the box. Problem solving at its best!

    6. Youth Services Book Review

      Lynn has created absorbing images with lots of detail and humor. This is a sweet adventure that celebrates dinosaurs and imagination.

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