Ulrika Kestere is a strong writer with a distinctive voice. This is a substantial story with dialogue that feels like overhearing the conversation of a real family of friends

Julia Marshall, Publisher

Otto Goes North


A cosy story about friendship, travel and knitting.

Translated by Julia Marshall

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  • Description

    Releasing in September

    Far up in the north is a blueberry-blue house with a grass roof, where Lisa and Nils live. One day a tourist arrives: Otto has cycled for months, maybe years, to visit his friends.

    Otto wants to do a spectacular painting of the northern lights to remember his visit, but he is from a hot country and it is very cold here. He can’t paint for shivering so hard.

    Lisa and Nils are surprised—Otto has a fur coat just like them! They didn’t know there was a difference between fur and fur.

    His friends decide to knit him a jumper.

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    Country of Origin Sweden
    Reader Age 5-7 year
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    1. Kirkus Reviews

      Good friends and a how-to-manual on knitting warm hearts.

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