"These gentle stories reflect both the logic of the very youngest and the sort of everyday event that to a child are satisfying adventures."


Bibbit Jumps

Bibbit Jumps is a charming illustrated chapter book for emerging readers about an enthusiastic frog who sometimes misses the mark.

Written by Bei Lynn and translated by Helen Wang.

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  • Description

    Bibbit is a little frog who sometimes forgets how to swim—but he’s a jumping expert. He can jump very high, very far and in many different ways. But sometimes he feels nervous about what the day might bring—unlike his little sister, who is ready for adventure.

    Bibbit Jumps is a charming illustrated chapter book, full of rhythm and resonance, from Bei Lynn, one of Taiwan’s up-and-coming author–illustrators.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Taiwan
    Reader Age 5-7 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Outside In World

      These charming stories with their lovely playful watercolour illustrations convey the importance of sibling relationships, friendships and how determination and perseverance help when facing up to fear and uncertainty.

    2. The School Reading List

      This is a charming and empathetic story to help encourage children to try new things, and not be afraid of what might go wrong.

    3. IBBY UK

      These gentle stories might be about a little frog and his sister, but they reflect both the logic of the very youngest and the sort of everyday event that to a child are satisfying adventures.

    4. The School Librarian

      Lynn’s childlike drawings perfectly capture the energy of Bibbit and the bright colours of his home. This brilliant chapter book is excellent for young readers who are just starting out on their reading journey.

    5. School Library Journal, 31 Days, 31 Lists: 2020 Easy Books and Early Chapter Books

      A sweet Chinese import about fears and family.

    6. Books for Keeps

      The episodes are slight and only loosely connected but the mix of fear and excitement at all the new experiences and possibilities is child-like and the importance of perseverance shines through. The ink and watercolour illustrations are very appealing, full of expression and movement and they enhance the simple text. This translated chapter book for early readers has a whimsical and gently humorous tone and the endearing character of Bibbit should appeal to young readers.

    7. Books for MKs

      The writing is perfect for children who are just learning to read simple chapter books on their own…The art style is whimsical. Each illustration is full of bright colors and really brings out the comedy in the story.

    8. Kids Book Buzz

      This book is a good way to start to read chapter books, as it is simple and easy to understand. The vital, and common lessons, such as not giving up, are heavily present throughout the book allowing young children to grow and mature. It also makes these lessons very fun and this also helps them be easy to understand for younger children. This book is perfect for young children at the age of four to six as it is very easy to understand.

    9. Sam Creighton, Just Imagine

      There’s something about this whimsical spillage in the artwork of Taiwanese writer and illustrator Bei Lynn – its unfazed, unflustered childishness – that reveals the soul of Bibbit Jumps, a book that will leave young readers with the same satisfied smile as classics such as Winnie the Pooh and Peter Rabbit.

    10. The School Reading List

      Brightly illustrated and with an uplifting ending…This is a charming and empathetic story to help encourage children to try new things, and not be afraid of what might go wrong.

    11. NZ Poetry Box, Paula Green

      This gorgeous junior chapter book is a delight…Bei Lynn has captured the jumpy frog so beautifully, I thought the book and the frog might jump off my kitchen table onto the green-grass lawn and go leaping…The story flows like honey so you can gobble it up as a sweet treat!

    12. Red Reading Hub

      A delightful first chapter book (translated by Helen Wang) with short episodes that are perfect for new solo readers. Equally they read aloud beautifully too. The watercolour and ink illustrations embody the spirit of the narrative beautifully and they too are enchanting.

    13. My Shelves are Full

      This is a fun and colourful book … Delightfully illustrated, this is a lovely set of stories for younger readers building their stamina in reading and making connections to a character through several adventures.

    14. Book Trailers for Kids and YA

      The book is gorgeously and comically illustrated. The text size and short chapters are ideal for children reading their first chapter books alone. The French flaps add to the overall quality of the book.

    15. Trevor Agnew, The Source

      This cheerful chapter book introduces young readers to the joys of a linked-up series of little stories…The opening chapter is a small jewel of storytelling…Bei Lynn provides a clear, simple narrative, often with some neat turns of phrase…The author’s bouncy colour illustrations are an important part of the story.

    16. Kirkus

      In this quaintly illustrated chapter book featuring talking animals, Bibbit and friends are exuberant in their outdoor play…a fun, energetic read.

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