Ulrich Hub is a very funny man with a big warm heart—this books speaks directly from the seven-year-old inside.

Rachel Lawson, Publisher

One Wise Sheep: An Untraditional Christmas Story

Tonight, the sheep can’t sleep. The pasture is floodlit by a strange new star and their shepherds have disappeared.

They must have been kidnapped by a UFO—or perhaps they’ve gone to meet the child rumored to have been born in a stable. The sheep set off to find their shepherds. They’d like to see this child too, and they heard there’ll be a party!

The sheep hike across country two by two, so none are lost. During this extraordinary night in Bethlehem, the quarrelsome sheep gradually become a real flock that pulls together.

This amusing retelling of the Christmas story through the eyes of the sheep reinforces the season’s theme—be a little nicer to each other, forgive your quarrels, and listen to everybody, especially the children.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Germany
    Reader Age 6-8 year, 8-12 year
    Book Size

Available worldwide from your local bookstore or online.

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