This book is honest and intelligent and brims with child—the tone is light, funny and perfect.

Julia Marshall, Publisher

How Do You Make a Baby?


How Do You Make a Baby? is a funny and factual resource about an eternally relevant topic.

Written by Anna Fiske

Translated by Don Bartlett

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  • Description

    In How Do You Make a Baby? Anna Fiske answers the questions all children are curious about: How does a baby get into the mother’s stomach? Who can make a baby, and how is it actually done?
    With comic illustrations and a playful tone, this is a funny and factual book about an eternally relevant topic, giving parents and children a starting point for discussion.
    Informational, funny and warm, How Do You Make a Baby?  is suitable for children aged 4 and up.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Norway
    Reader Age 5-7 year, 6-8 year
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  • Reviews

    1. The Bookbag

      It’s factually correct and there’s rather more information than you might expect in an 80-page book which is mainly illustrations…It’s all very matter of fact. There are numerous opportunities for discussion…I think the tone of the book is best described as ‘playful’ and whilst it might be pointed out that this is a serious subject, ‘playful’ is far better than ‘patronising’ or ‘incomprehensible’ from the child’s point of view…it’s Gecko Press, so production values are high. This is a substantial hardback: it’s going to stand a lot of handling and the chances are that it’s a book which a child will want to discuss with an adult and then read alone, probably on several occasions.

    2. Red Reading Hub

      …it does more than merely provide the facts; it’s also a celebration of life and of difference…Anna Fiske’s book offers a great starting place for conversations about birth, sex, and families with children from around 4+.

    3. Kirkus

      Finally: a “where do babies come from” book that doesn’t mince words—or pictures. This frank, cartoon-illustrated picture book answers its titular question with Scandinavian directness…The text’s mild cheekiness balances the informational load and should ease shared read-alouds in families unaccustomed to this book’s straightforwardness. Answers an often difficult question with humor and even grace.

    4. NZ Poetry Box

      This is the most brilliant, moving, informative children’s book on how to make babies that I have ever read! It is inclusive and witty and contains plain facts, but is so much more than more than plain facts…I love this book. I would have loved sharing it with my children when they were young.

  • Reviews

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