A sparkling story that honors the sensibilities and world of young schoolchildren.

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Hattie and Olaf

The audacious and captivating Hattie and her best friend Linda navigate the social politics of their first school years in this funny illustrated chapter book.

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Written by Frida Nilsson, illustrated by Stina Wirsén and translated by Julia Marshall.

  • Description

    The warm-hearted follow-up story of audacious and captivating six-year-old Hattie, a modern-day
    Pippi Longstocking.

    Hattie and best friend Linda navigate the social politics of their first school years in this funny illustrated chapter book for early readers. With all the humour, anarchy and energy of Pippi Longstocking, this is a perfect story of friendship and resilience for young independent readers.

    Hattie wants a horse more than anything. Her friend Ellen has three ponies. When Hattie’s father finally comes home with a horse trailer, Hattie is ecstatic. But instead of a horse, out stomps Olaf—a donkey. Now Hattie not only has horse fever, she suddenly catches lying sickness as well.

    Inclined to emotional storms and exaggeration—always with the best intentions—Hattie is the very true picture of the rebellious, overenthusiastic six-year-old in all of us.

    Hattie was selected as The Times Children’s Book of the Week, and Frida Nilsson was awarded the inaugural Swedish Academy Prize for Children and Youth Literature in 2021.

    Other books by Frida Nilsson:
    The Ice Sea Pirates

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Sweden
    Reader Age 6-8 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. The Horn Book

      Pen and wash illustrations in a loopy, squiggly style suit the tone completely. This is the perfect offering for readers who have graduated from the Dani books by Lagercrantz and Eriksson or who resonate with Hilary McKay’s brand of bracing hilarity.

    2. Reading Time – Children’s Book Council of Australia

      Hattie and Olaf is a wonderful story for young readers, exploring the painful learning about how we may inadvertently hurt others by deviating too far from the truth.

    3. Tilly Kensley, aged 9 | The Herald Sun

      This is such a delightful book, I read it in a single night.

    4. The School Reading List

      With fast-paced dialogue, strong female characters and lots of action, this bestselling story from Sweden is a fun read for children in year 2 who are beginning to tackle chapter books independently.

    5. Red Reading Hub

      Splendidly funny, this quirky story showing how young Hattie navigates school and relationships, discovering what loyalty means, as well as those things that are of real importance, is a delight through and through.

    6. Blog of Dad

      A quirky, captivating story that you simply won’t want to put down.

    7. Readings Bookshops

      Hattie and Olaf is a heartwarming and hilarious addition to a series I love. I can’t wait to see what Frida Nilsson does next!

    8. Read Plus

      Hattie and Olaf is a delightful chapter book for young readers. Highly recommended, funny, illustrated chapter book.

    9. The Book Muse

      Frida Nilsson’s book is fun, whimsical, and filled with childlike wonder. This book will charm readers, and reassure them that they are not alone.

    10. Kirkus Reviews

      Wirsén’s black-and-white illustrations are full of spark and life, complementing the story’s quirky aspect. A sparkling story that honors the sensibilities and world of young schoolchildren.

    11. Youth Services Book Review

      Nilsson knows how to capture the young child as she really is, with all her faults, indecisions and joys.

    12. Midwest Book Review

      An impressively original, deftly written, and charmingly entertaining novel.

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