Nilsson’s epic adventure tale is a modern classic that captivates the reader. It is impossible to put down

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The Ice Sea Pirates


A classic children’s adventure of icy seas and cold-blooded pirates, wolves, mermaids and the bravery of one girl determined to save her sister

Written by Frida Nilsson and illustrated by David Barrow

Translated by Peter Graves

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  • Description

    The cold bites and the sea lashes in this page-turning adventure on the ice seas. No one but ten-year-old Siri dares to face treacherous sailors, hungry wolves and the arctic winter to save her younger sister from the dreaded Captain Whitehead and his ice sea pirates.

    A chapter book for children ages 7 to 10.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Sweden
    Reader Age 6-8 year, 8-12 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Book Council (NZ)

      The heart of the story is the strength and love between sisters and the power of this bond to bring Siri’s sister safely home to their father…This book tests the bonds of humanity and friendship in the face of adversity and fear.

    2. The Telegraph (UK)

      Tells the Thrilling story of a 10 year old girl from an Arctic Island who sets out to rescue a sister abducted by a pirate.

    3. Just One Book (UK)

      There are some beautifully crafted scenes throughout the book, making the world come alive as a cohesive place that works together well.

      The adventure cracks along at a good pace, often looking at the behaviour of humans and making them come up short, but Siri must always hope, and it is this hope and love that wins in the end.

    4. Books YA Love

      This Swedish tale in translation is filled with adventure and daring, as Siri risks her life and safety to bring Miki back to their grieving father, to their snug fishers’ cottage where a tiny piece of mermaid’s tail decorates the wall.

    5. Wicked Words (UK)

      The adventure cracks along at a good pace, often looking at the behaviour of humans and making them come up short, but Siri must always hope, and it is this hope and love that wins in the end. Cracking book by Frida Nilsson and Gecko Press!

    6. Womens Weekly

      The spirited Siri Faces abandonment, wolves, dastardly villains and near death is this thrilling novel

    7. My Book Corner (UK)

      The Ice Sea Pirates by Frida Nilsson is a chilly tale with a warm heart published by Gecko Press

    8. Stephen Baird, My Wicked Words (UK)

      A solid ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ adventure with a great themes concerning greed and our soul

    9. Minerva Reads

      But above all, this is a hugely compelling read with a sympathetic, staggeringly brave and wholesome main character, and a gripping narrative.

    10. Tales of Yesterday (UK)

      With a strong girl hero, dramatic landscape and compelling episodic adventure, it’s the perfect read for fans of Rooftoppers and The Girl of Ink & Stars and is set to become a modern children’s classic in the UK.

    11. Laura Patricia Roberts Blog (UK)

      You know when a story is so good you literally forget your surroundings and are quickly enveloped in its telling. The Ice Sea Pirates is such a book and at times I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay with Siri on her brave adventure to get her sister back

    12. Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post (UK)

      This thrilling and mesmerising story of a young girl’s quest to find her kidnapped sister has already won three Swedish awards and is now set to bowl over an English-speaking audience with its icy wonders.

      A modern classic in the making…

    13. Sara Keating, Irish Times (UK)

      It is beautiful but far from benign, and Siri suffers several near-death experiences at its hands, although the wonderful illustrations from David Barrow offer a soft counterpoint to the geological harshness. Nilsson brings her characters to life with vibrant, original metaphors

    14. Youth Services Book Review (US)

      As an older sister, I love seeing the fierce love a sibling can carry for another in times of desperation and peril. It takes true bravery to love- and true love to be so brave.

    15. Radio New Zealand

      A raging, pirate-infested adventure….But, what I really really loved about this book is that Siri’s journey it involves encounters with massively complex characters who at first appear really kind but then they have this dark edge as well.

    16. Kids’ Book Review (AUS)

      A junior version of the Iliad… a hypnotising read-alone for confident middle graders or a perfect bed-time story for any age.

    17. James Norcliffe, The Sapling (NZ)

      The Swedish Daily News described The Ice Sea Pirates as a ‘modern classic’ and while that is an overused term, in this case it is more than justified.

    18. Booksellers NZ

      An invigorating read

  • Reviews

    1. Kaitlyn, age 12 (verified owner)

      Siri’s little sister has been captured by the evil, careless Captain Whitehead, and Siri will do anything to save her. Whitehead steals children and sends them to work in his diamond mine, making them labour for hours on end. No one knows where the mine is, or why he needs children for the mining job.
      The Ice Sea Pirates Siri is determined to find her sister and save her before something bad happens. She makes enemies and allies on the way, who either try to crush her hopes or raise them. The journey was tough, did she have the power and wits to defeat the icy Whitehead?
      This story was magnificent. I felt excited to pick the book up and start reading, every page was something good. I’m not going to lie, this story has to be one of my favourite books I’ve ever read, with mermaids, wolves, evil pirates, and plenty of adventure. It also had friendship, fantasy and action.
      The Ice Sea Pirates is definitely a must-read, with wonderful descriptions and an edge-of-your-seat effect.

    2. Alexa (Twitter)

      If you want engaged children and first class entertainment – let them #Read! She devoured this book in two sittings and loved this icey adventure!

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