What a masterpiece!

Axel Scheffler, author of The Gruffalo

Do Animals Fall in Love?

Best Middle-Grade Nature Books of 2021, Kirkus.

A fully illustrated compendium of astonishing facts about animal reproduction—the birds and the bees, literally.

Bats give birth upside down. Swifts can mate while plummeting through the air. Scorpions attract their partners with a romantic dance. Male humpback whales sing together for days to bring females from many miles away. Dolphin babies come out tail first.

Do Animals Fall in Love? is a compendium of all the weird and wonderful ways the animal kingdom reproduces. Wittily illustrated and frankly told, it covers courting rituals both elaborate and devious, extraordinary physiology, cleverly planned pregnancies, the most devoted fathers and the sweetest animal babies on Earth.

Written by Katharina von der Gathen, illustrated by Anke Kuhl and translated by Shelley Tanaka.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Germany
    Reader Age 6-8 year, 8-12 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Bank Street College of Education

      Bank Street Best Children’s Books 2022 – Outstanding Merit

    2. Kirkus Reviews

      Best Middle-Grade Nature Books of 2021

  • Reviews

    1. Just Imagine

      Possibly the most fascinating and eye-opening book on the natural world that I have ever read.

    2. Big Issue North Magazine

      A compendium of all the weird and wonderful ways the animal kingdom reproduces.

    3. Otago Daily Times

      Wide-ranging and utterly fascinating.

    4. The Blossoming Bibliophiles Instagram

      This book provides a fascinating dive into the world of animal seduction, mating, reproduction and family life. This book is a wonderful resource that will surely answer some of your children’s questions and can be used as a gateway to explaining the birds and the bees!

    5. Children’s Book Council of Australia

      I found myself wanting to turn to those around me and ask, ‘Did you know…?’

    6. Liam aged 9, Kids Book Buzz

      In this fun colorfully illustrated book I can learn about many different kinds of animals and how they love one another and reproduce to keep their kind from going extinct.

    7. Red Reading Hub

      This book provides fascinating answers while taking readers on a journey through the incredible animal kingdom in so doing. It’s definitely one to add to book collections be that at home, public library or school.

    8. ReadPlus

      This book is full of informative material that children will enjoy browsing through and sharing with their peers and adults. The colourful graphic-style illustrations provide an important visual and often humorous connection.

    9. Mai Storybook Library Instagram

      A frank and humorous compendium of animal love~ including seduction methods, mating rituals, physiology, and the sweetest baby animals on Earth.

    10. NetGalley-Reviewer

      a great resource where kids could seek their own answers

    11. Youth Services Book Review

      5 stars. Readers will enjoy the informative yet sometimes really slyly humorous writing, and the great cartoon like realistic art.

    12. Midwest Book Review, Children’s Bookwatch

      Thoroughly ‘kid friendly’ in content organization and presentation, “Do Animals Fall in Love?” is an especially recommended addition to family, elementary school, middle school, community library Pets/Wildlife collections for young readers ages 8-12.

    13. Kirkus Reviews STARRED

      What she [von der Gathen] does do is to demonstrate the wonder of species reproduction as well as her respect for her audience with frankness and good humor. They will find it irresistible in tone and content.

    14. NetGalley-Reviewer

      Stunning, funny, smart, so candid. Outstanding illustrations. I’ve rarely enjoyed a work of science non-fiction as much. Will not run out of good things to say about this book.

    15. NetGalley-Reviewer

      This is a beautifully illustrated and informative even for adults! Where was this book when I was a child?

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