“This book is like a David Attenborough documentary on the page. It’s frank, very funny, frequently astounding, and answers questions children have always asked without blushing.”

Julia Marshall, Publisher

Do Animals Fall in Love?


A fully illustrated compendium of astonishing facts about animal reproduction—the birds and the bees, literally.

Translated by Shelley Tanaka



  • Description

    Bats give birth upside down. Swifts can mate while plummeting through the air. Scorpions attract their partners with a romantic dance. Male humpback whales sing together for days to bring females from many miles away. Dolphin babies come out tail first.

    Do Animals Fall in Love? is a compendium of all the weird and wonderful ways the animal kingdom reproduces. Wittily illustrated and frankly told, it covers courting rituals both elaborate and devious, extraordinary physiology, cleverly planned pregnancies, the most devoted fathers and the sweetest animal babies on Earth.

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    Country of Origin Germany
    Reader Age 11-14 year, 8-12 year
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