A fun, rhyming, whimsical board book which makes us laugh out loud – perfect book for under twos!

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Bumblebee Grumblebee

A delightful board book for toddlers and adults to have fun experimenting with words to create funny new ones.

White Raven selected title 2022
Kirkus Best board books 2022
Bank Street Best Children’s Books 2022: Holiday Gift Edition

Playful animals get up to everyday toddler mischief in this board book built on child-based wordplay, where each page twists animal names into funny new words that are fun to share.

With illustrations drawn from a toddlers world, babies and young children will recognise each activity—getting dressed, playing, painting (including themselves), having a bath, using the potty—and see how the animal makes the mischievous most of it.

The bumblebee breaks its toy—bumblebee grumblebee!
The cockatoo is getting dressed—cockatoo sockatoo!
The pelican tries out the potty—pelican smellican!
What will turtle do? Everybody gathers for the final squirtle.

Built for adults, babies and toddlers to share and read aloud, this fresh and sweet board book encourages experimentation with words and sounds, just by changing a letter or two.

Click here to see a video of author David Elliot reading the story to his granddaughter.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin New Zealand
    Reader Age 0-2 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. White Ravens Award 2022

      “Board books for the very young can sometimes feel a bit dull to adults. But not when David Elliot puts his hand to creating one.” Judge Claudia Söffner

  • Reviews

    1. School Reading List

      Brims with hilariously funny animal wordplay.

    2. Bank Street Best Children’s Books 2022: Holiday Gift Edition

      Sweet, beautifully detailed pastel illustrations.

    3. School Library Journal, Betsy Bird

      Sticking the landing in a board book is an art. David Elliot? A master.

    4. Kirkus Reviews, starred review

      Best board books of 2022
      Best 100 picture books of 2022
      Delightful images and carefully selected text combine for a silly, innovative, entirely enjoyable read.

    5. Magpies Magazine, Crissi Blair

      It wouldn’t surprise me to find this clutched as a much-loved treasure in the arms of a sleeping child.

    6. Wild Rumpus

      Get ready for some fun and creative word play!

    7. Betsy Bird, School Library Journal

      It’s hard to stress to you how difficult it is to write something this simple but also with a successful capper at the end. Sticking the landing in a board book is an art. David Elliot? A master.

    8. Book Trust

      BookTrust Book of the Day. Deliciously silly and sure to earn some belly laughs, this is good as both an early introduction to reading as well as creative encouragement for older ones to come up with new words and rhymes of their own.

    9. Youth Services Book Review

      Very cute illustrations anchor this board book that has a lot of fun with rhymes and animal names. Perfect for sharing with a toddler.

    10. Morris M, Netgalley

      An adorable book for the youngest of readers who are just beginning to experiment with language.

    11. Radio Southland – The Book Show

      A great selection of funny clever words and funny illustrations, it really just can’t fail

    12. Nura’s Little Library

      Will leave you and your little one giggling all the way to the end!

    13. Netgalley Reviewer

      My son loved it, we read it three times in one sitting.

    14. Swings & Roundabouts

      This delightful book is perfect for infants to pre-schoolers who will all enjoy the nonsense words alongside the mischievous ending. A great resource to encourage phonemic awareness.

    15. Scope for Imagination

      A wonderfully fun play on words, this beautifully illustrated board book is sure to be requested again and again.

    16. Red Reading Hub

      This is just the kind of book to encourage very young children to delight in hearing and creating language and adult sharers will have fun as they read it aloud be that at home or in an early years setting.

    17. School Library Journal, Twenty-One Board Books to Enchant and Inspire Young Children

      Finely illustrated with pairs of wildly original rhymes with animal names, like “buffalo, fluffalo,” are hilariously presented in wide-open spreads. A winner.

    18. Whanganui Chronicle

      A bit of light rhyming fun for before bed.

    19. Read more comics

      Delightful to read and enjoy with your child. I should know, mine won’t stop reading it.

    20. Read NZ Te Pou Muramura

      Bumblebee Grumblebee stands out in a field of rather pedestrian animal board books as it is not only funny but the last few pages are particularly wonderful.
      Children will want this book read over and over again and will quickly join in and shout out the words.

    21. The Best Kids’ Books of 2021, Reading Room

      A nonsense rhyme book perfect for reading to a squirmy toddler when they need a book to help them dream wonderful nonsense dreams.

    22. Dorothy Butler Children’s Bookshop, Sunday Star Times

      A fun, rhyming, whimsical board book which plays beautifully with words and pictures, makes us laugh out loud and brings us to an exuberant ending – perfect for under twos!

    23. Bob’s Books Blog

      This board book for pre school and juniors is a work of genius. Older children and adults will get as much enjoyment out of it as the youngsters. The ending is superb.

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