A whimsical, enlightening, and empowering volume to set readers on the path toward self-acceptance and body positivity.

Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Any Body

A Comic Compendium of Important Facts and Feelings About Our Bodies

An honest, humorous and factual book for children and early teens who want to understand and feel at home with their own bodies.

Sometimes we feel uncomfortable in our own skin, sometimes invincible. Expert Katharina von der Gathen’s many years of experience working with children as a sex educator are the basis for this witty encyclopedia covering interesting facts about skin, hair and body functions alongside the questions that may affect us through puberty and beyond—gender identity, beauty, consent, self-confidence, how other people react and relate to us, and how they make us feel.

With accessible and warm text, Any Body gently acknowledges common feelings of ambivalence about our bodies. Through showing body diversity and positivity, it encourages acceptance of self and others. The illustrations are relatably funny and include charts, cartoons and more—even a handy page of visual compliments.

This compendium is an encouraging starting point for conversations with children navigating puberty and laying the foundations for body acceptance in a straightforward and highly entertaining way.

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Translated from the German edition by Shelley Tanaka.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Germany
    Reader Age 11-14 year, 8-12 year
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  • Reviews

    1. Juno Magazine (verified owner)

      The author is very clear to remind readers that their body is their business, and there is really positive messaging around the idea that everyone has the right to feel happy in their own skin. The illustrations and cartoons are wonderful and add an enormous amount to the fun of the book, encouraging us to enjoy the inherent humour in bodies.

    2. Picturebook Playdate (verified owner)

      This is a book I wish I’d had as a middle school kid/high schooler.

    3. Unity Books Auckland (verified owner)

      Any Body is a perfect introduction and celebration of human’s weird and wonderfulness.

    4. My Storytime Corner (verified owner)

      A thoughtfully composed collection of facts about bodies.

    5. Kids’ Book Review

      This book is like a hug. It’s comforting. It does not judge. It provides the answers so many of us have but are too scared or embarrassed to ask.

    6. Educator

      Any tween would really benefit from having this–it’s something they could come back to when they have questions or just need reassurance that they, and their feelings, are perfectly normal.

    7. Booklist

      This factual guide in an eye-catching package will appeal to curious browsers.

    8. Youth Services Book Review, starred review

      A wonderfully browsable – and amusing! – book to help a kid understand their body and their feelings about it as they go through puberty.

    9. Kirkus Reviews, starred review

      A whimsical, enlightening, and empowering volume to set readers on the path toward self-acceptance and body positivity.

    10. Netgalley Reviewer

      I would put this in the hands of any tween.

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