Gapaillard’s detailed black-ink illustrations perfectly encapsulate the story’s blend of
horror and humor and call to mind Maurice Sendak’s Wild Things.

Booklist (US)

The Yark

A very funny and cheerfully subversive children’s chapter book about a monster who eats children-until one day he makes a friend.

New York Public Library, Best Books for Kids 2018

Written by Bertrand Santini and illustrated by Laurent Gapaillard

Translated by Antony Shugaar

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  • Description

    The Yark loves children…with the love of a gourmand! This hairy monster dreams of child buffets—ham of boy, orphan gratin, schoolchild purée, breaded babies, girl rillettes. But he has a problem: his delicate stomach can only tolerate nice children; liars give him heartburn, savages spoil his teeth. There are not enough good, edible children around to keep him from starvation.

    Then the Yark does find delicious, sweet Madeleine. Will he gobble her up?

    Or will she survive long enough to change his life?

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin France
    Reader Age 6-8 year, 8-12 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Oregon Coast Youth Book Preview Center

      Lovers of Roald Dahl and parents may delight in this fare.

    2. New York Public Library, Best Books for Kids 2018

      Good behavior will only get you eaten in this thrilling tale of an insatiable child-eating monster.

    3. Bookworm for Kids

      The illustrations are wonderful. The Yark, just like his food requirements, is monsterly yet has a dash of something sweet. There are enough pictures to add a lovely touch to the story and keep even reluctant readers engrossed in the pages.

      This is definitely an intriguing read with a monster who will win the reader’s heart yet still hold a place of carefullness. I can only recommend it.

    4. Children’s Books Ireland (UK)

      Reminiscent of Edward Gorey, Bertrand Santini has created a children’s book that will scare and delight in equal measure, if only because the Yark is one of the most lovable monsters a reader is likely to come across. Subversive, playful and downright morbid at times, this eccentric little book is destined to become a dark and delicious classic.

    5. Book Council NZ

      The descriptive language is delicious and the illustrations complement the text perfectly.

    6. Midwest Book Review (US)

      A lovely story evolves for young readers past the early picture book stages who can appreciate the power of Gapaillard’s evocative black and white accents.

    7. Trevor Agnew, The Source

      Young readers will enjoy this rollicking yarn, which turns conventional morality on its head and revels in the joys of child-eating but still manages to produce a highly entertaining tale with a charming and touching conclusion.

    8. The Irish Times

      The Yark is an edge-of-your-seat story for newly independent readers with a hardy constitution.

    9. Insta Book Shed

      I think children aged 7-9+ will really enjoy this story and reluctant readers may be drawn in by the images and the short length

    10. Pam Norfolk, Black Pool Gazette (UK)

      Children will have monstrous, laugh-out-loud fun when they meet the Yark, star of very funny, whimsical and entertainingly subversive story from the pen of French scriptwriter and author Bertrand Santini.

    11. Foyles Bookstore (UK)

      Just an absolutely lovely take about the wildness of children and how the monsters under your bed are rarely what they see.

    12. Raif, age 9 (Kids Book Buzz)

      The pictures are all in black and white, and there aren’t very many of them, but they are awesome

    13. Radio New Zealand (Rachel Eadie)

      So even at this really early stage of the year I’m just going to put it out there that its going to be one of my favourites for 2018. The illustrations are exquisite and the writing is stunning.

    14. Tomorrow’s Schools Today (NZ)

      If ever there was a thrilling horror story with humour for children 7 to 10 years this is it! Teachers if you want to keep slow readers attention use this book; kids love the macabre, especially if delivered with a happy ending!

    15. Bob’s Book Blog (NZ)

      The story is brilliantly supported by Laurent Gapaillard’s pen and ink Victorian-gothic illustrations. The Yark is a superb creation.

      This is a five star work, don’t miss it. Adults will smile knowingly

    16. Gus (10yrs) The Breeze Radio Station

      At first it was really scary but I kept reading because I started to feel I really liked The Yark and wanted to know everything about him. And this really is a story about how everyone should be given at least a chance or two and ac love loved by at least someone.

    17. Magpies (NZ)

      It doesn’t matter whether you call The Yark a short novel or a long story; everyone who reads it agrees it’s a highly entertaining romp. The most common word used by critics is “jubilant.”

    18. Project Muse (US)

      For all the book’s bravado of rebelliousness, it concludes on an endearing note; readers who revel in potty humor and/or those that appreciate an earned happy ending will find much to love here.

    19. Booklist (US)

      Gapaillard’s detailed black-ink illustrations perfectly encapsulate the story’s blend of
      horror and humor and call to mind Maurice Sendak’s Wild Things.

    20. Midwest Book Review (US)

      This original and consistently entertaining children’s story by Bertrand Santini is impressively augmented by the truly stunning black-and-white Victorian Goth style artwork of Laurent Capaillard

    21. Kirkus Reviews (US)

      Gapaillard’s beautiful drawings set the emotive, toothy Yark into moody, cinematic landscapes and intricate interiors.

    22. Youth Services Book Review

      The illustrations showing all the moods of the Monster and all of his exploits complement the story perfectly.

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