This may be the best book about singing in the world. It’s certainly the funniest.

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The Best Singer in the World

“My little brother thinks I’m the best singer in the world. But I can’t sing if there are too many people.”

  • Description

    The Best Singer in the World is a funny picture book about overcoming stage fright, being brave, and embracing your talents.

    My little brother thinks I’m the best singer in the world. But I can’t sing if there are too many people.
    When I was six, we were having a performance at school to celebrate spring. It would be on a real stage, with proper spotlights.
    I told the teacher I didn’t want to. I got really shy…

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Sweden
    Reader Age 2-5 year, 5-7 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Otago Daily Times, August 2012

      This is the English version of [an] original Swedish … sweet and gentle story about overcoming one’s fears and being brave. Here the author shares the embarrassment and fears he felt as a 6-year-old when he had to perform on a real stage at school to celebrate spring. This is a really lovely tale with appealing illustrations. The word ‘fart’ is used quite often throughout the story, which children will love.

    2. The Children’s Bookshop, July 2012

      When our hero is asked to take part in the school show, his crippling shyness takes over. On the night, he is so frightened that he hides in the toilets. But his little brother knows he cans sing and tracks him down. ‘Sing, sing!’ he cries and promises to come up onstage for support. Their special song … brings the house down. This new collaboration from the Swedish team who brought us the delightful child-centred When We Were Alone in the World and All the Dear Little Animals is a humorous and tender portrayal of a positive sibling relationship.

    3. School Librarian Journal (UK), Autumn 2012

      A heart-warming tale of a shy six-year-old boy who has a warm, loving relationship with his younger brother and a happy knack of entertaining him with songs. (I guarantee all children without exception will respond to his special fart song!) …children will be eager to recount their own feelings about siblings and special family songs.and about the trauma of performing in assemblies and school plays, perhaps?

    4. ‘Best Books of 2012’, Your Weekend, December 2012

      This may be the best book about singing in the world. It’s certainly the funniest.


      A slim book which nonetheless manages to cover a lot of topics – bravery, stagefright, talents and sibling closeness.

    6. OHbaby!, Spring 2012

      Sympathetic storytelling that avoids clich‚ and corniness.

    7. Magpies, September 2012

      In every way this is a lovely story and picture book; it is a warm and gentle and amusing depiction of familial love and affection and illustrates how little acts of personal bravery – with loving support – can cut through shyness and dispel the fears that grow in unfamiliar circumstances.

    8. Around the Bookshops, August 2012

      A tribute to brotherly love in a sweet but real story.

    9. The Source, September 2012

      Gives a marvellous insight into the world as seen by a six-year old. Eva Eriksson’s pictures are, as always, a perfect complement to Nilsson’s words. Her children are round-faced, gap-toothed and unsentimentally drawn…This may be the best book about singing in the world. It’s certainly the funniest.

    10. Widge Reviews, July 2012

      This is a great story about overcoming shyness and about sibling love.

    11. The Guardian, July 2012

      I’m not sure I’ve known Isobel to laugh so loudly at a picture book as she did over this simple story of a boy getting over his stage fright.

    12. Bookrapt, July 2012

      A warm-hearted story with charming illustrations. Another fine publication from New Zealand publishers, Gecko Press.

    13. The Bookbag (UK), July 2012

      It’s a brilliant idea for a story. Standing up on stage in front of people can be a daunting task at any age, and this book cleverly shows both the fear beforehand and then the joy and excitement when he manages to face his fears…Share it with any nervous little performers you may know, or just enjoy it as a good bedtime story!

    14. Irish Times (UK), June 2012

      Translated from Swedish by Julia Marshall and illustrated with charm and empathy by Eva Eriksson, Ulf Nilsson’s The Best Singer in the World treats also the gradual growth of a child’s self-confidence. Here the central character is a little boy who, although highly regarded as a singer by a younger brother, is unable to face the challenge of a school performance. Enter a sympathetic and resourceful teacher with a shrewd solution. The story’s overall tone is successfully replicated in its quirky artwork and layout, not least in Eriksson’s mischievous portrayal of body language and facial expression.

    15. Kiwi Families, June 2012

      A sweet tale about a little boy who overcomes stage fright. Perfectly pitched for early primary school aged children, this book would be a wonderful starter for anyone wanting to talk to their child about stage fright or anxiety in general.

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