We chose this book for Catharina Valckx’s storytelling orginality and humour, and for her perfectly timed celebration of the absurd within the everyday.

Julia Marshall, Publisher

Lisette’s Green Sock


A springtime fresh picture book about how socks, like friends, are always best in pairs


  • Description

    One day Lisette finds a pretty green sock. She’s delighted, until some bullies begin to tease her: socks should come in pairs; what use is one sock?
    Lisette searches and searches, but she cannot find the sock’s missing mate. Fortunately, her friend Bert helps her see the situation in a new way. And together they come upon the perfect solution in this ingenious story about how socks, like friends, are always best in pairs.

  • Book Details

    Reader Age2-5 year
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  • Reviews

    1. Poetry Box

      The simple illustrations are full of gorgeous life and the writing flows like honey.

    2. Bookwitch

      To learn to be happy with what you have. That’s what you find in this adorable picture book by Catharina Valckx.

  • Reviews

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