An elegantly understated portrait of patience and faith.

Publishers Weekly, starred review

Waiting for Goliath

A warm and surprising picture book for children about waiting for a friend.

Written by Antje Damm

Translated by Sally-Ann Spencer

  • Description

    Bear has been sitting and waiting since dawn.
    “I’m waiting for Goliath,” he tells everyone.
    “Goliath is coming! He’s my best friend.”
    At last, the bus pulls up. But no one gets out.
    But Bear is sure: “He’ll definitely show up. You’ll see!”

    Bear waits patiently for his friend. The robins fly to the south and the first snow falls. When Bear awakes from a long sleep, he hears a noise like a hand sliding slowly across paper. Goliath is coming! But Goliath’s identity is a big surprise.

    A children’s book for ages 3 and up

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Germany
    Reader Age 0-2 year, 2-5 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Oh Baby! (verified owner)

      There’s a beautiful luminosity to this book in both the illustrations – photographs of Antje Damm’s dioramic creations – and the text, which celebrates the bond of true friendship.

    2. Lancashire Post (verified owner)

      Pleasingly original, imbued with the colourful variety of the seasons, and with a cosy story to melt the hardest of hearts, this is a book of warm surprises and strong friendships.

    3. Publishers Weekly – starred review (verified owner)

      Bear’s loyalty to and confidence in Goliath are rewarding in themselves, but it’s Damm’s carefully constructed and photographed dioramas that make the book such a charmer … An elegantly understated portrait of patience and faith.

    4. Youth Services Book Review (verified owner)

      This is a great book of friendship. The illustrations look like paper collages and will encourage children to tell a story with cutting out their characters and putting them in scenes.

    5. Kirkus Reviews – starred review (verified owner)

      An only seemingly simple but endlessly sweet meditation on patience

    6. Midwest Book Review (US) (verified owner)

      Spiced with a title akin to the adult philosophical piece Waiting for Godot, will delight picture book readers and parents with vivid, bright color drawings embellishing a story of hope, patience, and friendship.

    7. Best New Picture Books, The Children’s Book Review (US) (verified owner)

      This is a warm and surprising story with depth and humor and luminous illustrations.

    8. BookPage (verified owner)

      Children will enjoy the details that show time passing; the pacing here is just right. The art is especially empowering: Creative children may be inspired to cut up their own cardboard and pull out the paints to tell their own stories of friendship.

    9. Youth Services Book Review (US) (verified owner)

      The illustrations appear part drawing and part prop and part paper-cut out. They are wonderfully unique and charming. A quite wonderful book.

    10. Booksellers NZ (verified owner)

      A gentle but not simple story, Waiting for Goliath celebrates the virtues of patience and loyalty, and the extraordinary illustrations will delight readers both young and old.

    11. Very Dark Horse (NZ) (verified owner)

      Goodness me, what an unexpected delight! I think Triangle may have some competition for my favourite kiddo book of the year, Waiting for Goliath is irresistible!

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