This book has been enormously popular around the world. The character of the wolf and the little girl are strong and funny,
and the nightie scene is a masterpiece.

Julia Marshall, Publisher

I Am So Clever


The big bad wolf is back, all dressed up in Grandma’s nightie—but it’s not having quite the effect he was hoping for.

Translated by Linda Burgess

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    One glorious day the wolf meets Red Riding Hood strolling through the woods. She looks a clever girl, but the wolf knows who is the cleverest. He has a plan to outwit her.

    But this little girl is not so easily duped. And the wolf finds unexpected hazards in wearing a frilly petticoat in the deep dark woods.

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    Country of Origin Belgium
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  • Reviews

    1. Sal’s Fiction Addiction

      The illustrations are wonderful, and perfectly match the tone, the humor, and the telling.

    2. Kiss the Book Jnr

      Watching the Wolf slip further into silliness is awfully funny!

    3. Goodreads – Barbara

      This picture book will entertain young readers as they watch the wolf try to hide among the trees in the forest, hopeful that things will eventually work out but not wanting anyone to see him in his state of embarrassment and unusual clothing choice.

    4. Kirkus Reviews

      Poor wolf can’t catch a break—much less a meal.

    5. Booklist

      Starred Review
      The Big Bad Wolf really gets his comeuppance in this delightful and fresh retelling, a worthy addition to the fractured fairy tale canon.

    6. Publishers Weekly

      Watching a villain’s plans disintegrate is always a winning formula.

  • Reviews

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