Gorgeously illustrated, refreshingly real ... this book is just glorious.

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A Mother Is a House

A contemporary and original gift book, celebrating modern motherhood and mothers. 

The Times Children’s Book of the Week.

In this eye-catching, neon-bright picture book, a baby sees their mother in every aspect of their day from birth to first steps.

A mother’s a house,
She’s a car in a rush,
She’s a lullaby hush.

As the pages go by, the child grows. The mother becomes a road, a story and a show, the illustrations at times literal, unexpected. On the final page, the child is ready to take their first steps. Because a mother is a home that you carry inside you forever.

Offering a unique baby’s eye view of the first year, A Mother Is a House contains all of the funny observations and emotions of a mother and child’s first year together—shown through bright, modern illustrations and special inks.

A chic and stylish gift book for expectant parents, baby showers, new mums, Mother’s Day, or as a celebratory gift for daughters and grandparents.

Aurore Petit is one of a new young generation of French illustrators to emerge from the influential School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg. She lives in Paris.

Translated from the French by Daniel Hahn.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin France
    Reader Age 0-2 year, 2-5 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Kids Read the World

      Using spare rhyming text, the author is somehow able to capture the great multitude of things a mother is to her child.

    2. Dimity Powell, Dim’s Write Stuff

      A tender walk down memory lane for many of us as well as a memorable keepsake for mothers experiencing the joy of motherhood for the first time.

    3. Collected #27 SLANZA

      It is real, it is heartwarming, and it doesn’t hide the tough hard days – it is the perfect description of a mum.

    4. Little Cub Literacy

      The illustrations are retro and bright, and the perspective is unique. I felt so seen as a mother!

    5. The Blossoming Bibliophiles

      With simple, yet meaningful text, it lovingly highlights the many ways in which mothers provide for their children.

    6. CBCA Reading Time

      A great title for sharing with littlies with its vibrant colours and attractive design.

    7. Oh the Books We Love

      A Mother Is a House is an oh-so-accurate depiction of what motherhood may look like for so many people.

    8. Ohcreativeday

      An exquisite ode to the small acts of motherhood that add up to be the Big Things.

    9. Kids Lit is Lit Instagram

      A small but mighty book. This new release does an amazing job at highlighting all those familiar comforting feelings that mothers offer in really subtle ways that are pretty universal.

    10. Waking Brain Cells

      The writing is simple and never sing-songy. The art is modern and bright, using clean lines and a jaunty attitude.

    11. Midwest Book Review

      a unique, thoughtful, and entertaining picture book story … an unexpected and affecting picture of parents and home

    12. Just Imagine

      This book would be a fantastic choice to add to children’s reading-at-home repertoire. There are many themes and ideas that will spark conversations and memories between child and parent as the book’s varied scenes reveal a window into the characters’ world.

    13. get.kids.booked

      The combination of words and vivid, modern illustrations creates a warm and funny book, which is so enjoyable to share with little ones. Miss 4 adores it! We’ve read it every day since receiving this copy and she loves making comparisons between the text and our experiences. This would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift, as it celebrates and commends the joys, hard work and emotion of being a parent.

    14. momoe

      This lovely book would be a wonderful gift for every mom, especially young moms.

    15. The Times, Children’s Book of the Week

      Daniel Hahn is a careful, creative translator and his lovely sing-along lines avoid cliché. The tone is never cloying—a feat in a paean to mums for this age group

    16. Kirkus Reviews

      What’s most striking about the book, though, is its use of intense neon colors both for details and large swaths of the illustrations and for the text itself. The final metaphor says it all: “A mother’s a home.”

    17. Well Read

      Gorgeously illustrated, refreshingly real and oh so touching, we think this book is just glorious.

    18. Youth Services Book Review

      This book is really a wonderful celebration of all things involved in being a mother to a young child–both the enjoyable and the more challenging aspects. The illustrations are bright and colorful and will appeal to young children.

Available worldwide from your local bookstore or online.

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