“This baby’s view of a mother contains funny observations and juxtapositions, and the kind of unexpected truths you find in poetry—A Mother Is a House is truly original” 

Julia Marshall, Publisher

A Mother Is a House


This crisp and contemporary picture book in verse offers a unique baby’s eye view of the first year, from birth to first steps.

Translated by Daniel Hahn



  • Description

    A mother is a nest, a vehicle, a mirror… The baby sees their mother in every aspect of their day. As the pages go by, the child grows. The mother who was a refuge becomes a road, a story and a show. On the final page, the child is ready to take their first steps. Because a mother is a home that you carry inside you forever.

    A Mother Is a House looks through the baby’s eyes for an unexpected and affecting picture of parents and home—shown through bright, contemporary illustrations and special inks.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin France
    Reader Age 0-2 year, 2-5 year
    Book Size

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