Absolutely hilarious.

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Seahorses Are Sold Out


In this high-spirited story about an enterprising only child and a father’s juggle to work from home, one pet for Mika leads to another and another…

Mika’s father works from home and he’s very busy! He can never find time for the promised swimming trip. So Dad allows Mika to choose a pet from the store while he finishes the project—something quiet like a mouse. And so begins a wonderfully turbulent story in which Mika brings home one animal after another… The mouse gets lost so they need a dog to find it. The dog is followed by a seal, the seal a penguin. How many animals can come to stay before a harassed father notices?

This is a high-spirited story about an enterprising only child and a father’s juggle to work from home.

Written by Constanze Spengler, illustrated by Katja Gehrmann and translated by Shelley Tanaka.

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  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Germany
    Reader Age 5-7 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Collected #27 SLANZA

      This fun picture book shows how independent our young people can be, and how sometimes bedlam can follow.

    2. Kirkus Reviews

      Lively, colorful illustrations drawn in loose black outlines track this incredible saga of a bored kid, an opportunistic pet-shop owner, and a clueless father in comic double-page spreads chronicling Mika’s wild, unsupervised activities, culminating in a surprising climax. Absolutely hilarious.

    3. Youth Services Book Review

      I love the way Mika is independent, makes their own fun, and handles any difficulties that arise. The illustrations, which look to be paint and crayon, are colorful and full of motion and detail. Mika’s dad, while utterly immersed in work, is also kind and is drawn with love and warmth.

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