Three books for thinking children

I was recently asked about a book for a thinking child: I first chose The Day No one was Angry . It is a book of 12 stories about the 12 different forms of anger – the light blue, transparent colour of melancholy, “like a warm morning in early summer, with not a breath of wind.”  It is philosophical and open-ended and has beautiful humour that almost wisps past you.

For younger children, I love All the Dear Little AnimalsIt is a picture book that has character development, humour, pathos, drama and three strong characters – the bossy older sister Esther, the gentle poet narrator, and Puttie, the child whose job is to cry. It is a very good book, I think.

I like all the Dani books, starting with My Happy Life, for the thinking six year old. I do like books that have both substance and humour, and beautiful drawings from Eva Eriksson. My inner six year old loves these books! I am also most fond of Detective Gordon. (But enough, or Basta! as Dani’s Italian father would say).