A visual and tactile treat

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Where is Grandma?


An odyssey, on which Henry finds friends, humour, information, and—at last—Grandma.


  • Description

    Henry is visiting his grandmother in the hospital, and decides to go on alone. The result is an odyssey, on which Henry finds friends, humour, information, and—at last—Grandma.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Germany
    Reader Age 5-7 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. School Library Journal (US)

      This upbeat exploration of a hospital through a child’s eyes might demystify aspects of the potentially scary experience

    2. Booksellers NZ

      A visual and tactile treat

    3. Lancashire Post (UK)

      This reassuring and child-friendly story is told with charm and the lightest of touches

    4. Midwest Book Review (US)

      Unreservedly recommended

    5. The Book Show (NZ)

      This one is a winner. It looks like a graphic novel, meant for young people … It’s such a big, beautiful book. The illustrations are stunning.

    6. Storywraps (NZ)

      The characters are very well portrayed and the fabulous pictures could stand all on their own.

    7. Publishers Weekly (US)

      A search for a boy’s grandmother in a large metropolitan hospital provides a startlingly honest look at the lives of sick people … It’s not the usual child enters- hospital comfort book; it’s more a child’s-eye view of the mystery of ill health itself.

    8. Kirkus Reviews (US)

      The pictures tell the story in this beautifully, distinctively designed book.

  • Reviews

    1. Adele Broadbent

      For any child wanting to know or learn about hospitals, Where’s Grandma shows them all facets of these often scary (to children) places. Henry meets those who are ill, doctors, a surgeon, security and maintenance men, all told in the natural process of him looking for his Grandma. With longer text than usual for a picture book, small children might fidget, although the pictures are clear and telling a story themselves. Loved it

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