My Dog Mouse


Friendship, humour and heartbreak in one dog walk: for anyone who knows what it is to love an old, slow dog with ears as thin as pancakes.


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    “Can I take Mouse for a walk?” I ask, and I’m always allowed.
    We set off, very slowly. Mouse walks at a snail’s pace. He stops at lampposts and fences and sniffs for a long time.
    Sometimes he looks up at me and then I usually say something.
    I maybe say “old man” in a very nice voice, not my usual one.
    … I wish Mouse was mine.

    My Dog Mouse offers friendship, humour and gentle heartache in one dog walk. This is a book for anyone who knows what it is to love an old slow dog, with ears as thin as pancakes.

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    Reader Age 2-5 year
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    1. (verified owner):

      This is a truly magical book that I love to bits.

    2. (verified owner):

      A delightful story, a warm story.

    3. (verified owner):

      This is a lovely book that will make you feel warm every time you read it.

    4. (verified owner):

      Lindström’s story stays light and funny all the way through—then ends with a shaft to the heart… Yet readers know that the title tells the truth; the way Mouse looks longingly after the girl on the final page proves it.

    5. (verified owner):

      This graceful picture book catches at the heart in small ways … the wry, gentle narrative voice leads readers along as if it’s walking the old dog.

    6. (verified owner):

      Walking the dog takes on a whole new meaning in this quirky picture book from Gecko Press … Full of beautiful, soulful illustrations, love, kindness and the special bond between a human and a dog, this is a big-hearted story to leave you warm inside and eager to take your own (or your neighbour’s) dog for a walk!

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