A well-written, gripping novel with intense emotional involvement


The Bakehouse

A warm, powerful novel about war – not set in a warzone, but instead in suburban New Zealand.

Written by Joy Cowley

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  • Description

    In The Bakehouse, Bert wants nothing more than be old enough to fight in the war—to handle weapons, defend his country, and have a life filled with adventure. Little does he know that the secrets and danger of war don’t always stay at the front line, and that one boy’s actions can change everything.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin New Zealand
    Reader Age 11-14 year, 8-12 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Dominion Post (NZ), August 2015

      A sophisticated, no nonsense novel . Joy Cowley superbly recreates the war time atmosphere in New Zealand.

    2. The Children’s Bookshop (NZ), August 2015

      A powerful, multi-layered story, with vivid characters, warm portrayals of family life and poses a real moral dilemma.

    3. Magpies (Aus/NZ), July 2015

      A well-written, gripping novel with intense emotional involvement in a well-drawn historical background. It is in the same class as the best of Maurice Gee’s historical novels for young adults.

    4. My Best Friends Are Books (NZ), July 2015

      A brilliant, multi-layered novel about secrets, lies and how the consequences of one boy’s actions ripple throughout his family. . A must-read book from a New Zealand legend

    5. Otago Daily Times (NZ), July 2015

      Delving into the themes of patriotism, sacrifice and loyalty there is also a whole heap of information about life in New Zealand during World War 2, making this perfect for the classroom.

    6. The Source (Australia), June 2015

      A powerful novel which draws readers into the moral conundrum which confronts several of the characters. Joy Cowley’s gripping narrative is a convincing re-creation of wartime life on the Home Front, with strong female characters who interact plausibly.

    7. Around the Bookshops (NZ), April 2015

      This book arrived in my box on Saturday and I spent all that afternoon greedily gobbling it up, then, on Sunday, I read it again to slowly savor every word. Recommended.

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