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Soda Pop


Soda Pop is a hilarious Swedish classic, with fresh new illustrations from a leading young artist.

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  • Product Description

    Soda Pop is an anarchic story full of playful nonsense in which the usual rules and prejudices do not exist.

    Soda Pop loves bright orange clothes and wears a tea cozy on his head. He has brought up his son Mazarin on sweet buns and love. Grandfather Dartanyong emerges from his woodshed every morning with a new identity, and Great-grandfather has moved into a tree, eats birdseed, and thinks he is a cuckoo.

    Theirs is a carefree life, untroubled by social norms. In this tolerant world anything can happen—is the garage suddenly full of tigers?
    We are not surprised.

    Soda Pop is a glorious mix of the absurdity of Spike Milligan with the boldness of Pippi Longstocking.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Sweden
    Reader Age 6-8 year
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  • Reviews

    1. :

      Nicely designed for reading aloud; that is if the reader can keep a straight face.

    2. :

      A whimsical, lighthearted, unique reading experience

    3. :

      Each chapter took us on a crazy, silly journey that had us smiling at the end

    4. :

      An inherently fascinating and unfailingly entertaining read from cover to cover.

    5. :

      There’s a sublime sort of craziness to it that catches me unawares every time. Neither Soda Pop nor Mazarin nor Dartanyong speaks a single word of sense, but they will be my friends for life.

    6. :

      … deliciously diverting.

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