Such elegance in a children's book is a rare and special treat

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Pom and Pim

A wonderfully simple story told with few words, unique illustrations, humour and heart.

  • Description

    Pom and Pim are going out.
    It’s warm. The sun is shining.
    What luck!

    Pom and Pim’s day is full of ups and downs, and luck both good and bad. Is eating a huge icecream truly a good idea? Is it really bad luck that it’s raining? Or is it good luck…?

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Sweden
    Reader Age 2-5 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Libraries dlr (US)

      This gentle tale demonstrates the silver lining to every cloud…Such elegance in a childrens book is a rare and special treat.

    2. Page and Blackmore Booksellers (NZ), November 2014

      Everyone loves Pom and Pim and everyone loves this book.

    3. Kiwi Families (NZ), October 2014

      It’s sweet, funny and a weeee bit tongue in cheek. Just gorgeous. My five year old has taken great joy in reading this book to her sisters and it’s currently on high circulation in our house. Highly recommended!

    4. Starred Review, The Horn Book (US), July 2014

      The brief text and droll ink and watercolor illustrations keep the focus tightly on Pom and Pim, working together brilliantly to bring out the considerable situational humor … [It is] entrancing.

    5. Bob’s Book Blog (NZ), January 2014

      Writer and illustrator work in perfect harmony … The action is easily understood with both one page and two page illustrations. The pastel colours are restful and in spite of the up and down nature of the action the atmosphere is peaceful and under control. A great read-a-loud for pre school children and a good purchase for the home or school library. My pre-school granddaughters loved it.

    6. Monkey Makes Three (NZ), January 2014

      The simple text and illustrations work perfectly together and will appeal to not just pre-schoolers but slightly older children as well. It’s a great book for encouraging independent reading.

    7. Booksellers NZ, March 2014

      It’s a welcome change to find a book with simple sentences and a complex story. I’d recommend this quirky book as a present for any young reader.

    8. The Dominion Post (NZ), March 2014

      A charming account of the ups and downs of a toddler’s life. An ideal first picture book for young people, who like Pom, have just mastered the art of walking, because they will instantly recognise Pom. Husband and wife team Lena and Olof Landstrom have created a charming but unsentimental heroine for their fable of optimism and kindness.

    9. Kids Book Review (Aus), March 2014

      A charming, adorable, delightful storybook about two lovable protagonists going about their day. Olaf’s divine, simple artwork, on matte, creamy paper, beautifully parallels the text, with watercolour images in lustrous, understated colours. A must for picture book collectors.

    10. Kitty As A Picture Blog (NZ), March 2014

      Pom and Pim is a charming book. A compelling story told in fewer than a hundred words, it is perfect for kids just learning to read. It is also ideal for reading aloud to smaller children. Another stunning publication from Gecko Press!

    11. The Source (Aus), February 2014

      Lena Landstr”m’s text is elegantly simple, using short sentences to carry her lovely fable of friendship and caring… a charming book, full of fun and adventure, capable of captivating the youngest reader.

    12. Parents in Touch UK, February 2014

      Cleverly told with minimal words but very expressive pictures.

    13. The Golden Adventures of a Very Dark Horse Blog (NZ), February 2014

      Quirky, simple and yet subtly sophisticated… All in all, a very appealing book.

    14. Kirkus Starred Review (US), February 2014

      The Landstr”ms’ Pom, who bears a striking resemblance to a 3-year-old Winston Churchill, ventures out into the world with his comrade, Pim… They weather the storms of misfortune and revel in fortune’s smiles… A perfect primer for the existential philosophy required for a small one to make it through the day.

    15. Bookrapt, February 2014

      Cream pages and subtle colours give a soft focus for the adventures of the sweet-faced boy… Young readers will delight in recognising the ups-and-downs of their own lives, and the instant sadness or joy each experience brings. Pom’s positive outlook shows resilience and an eagerness to embrace the quirks of daily life.

    16. Tall, Short, Tiny and A Pickle Blog, February 2014

      An instant hit… I find [the characters] incredibly appealing in their simplicity and uniqueness… So much happens in such a simply-told story, and it is astounding… it would make a darling first birthday present for someone adorable in your life.

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