The silly antics of the little monkey provide forward momentum, but the details in each illustration kept calling us back for a more thorough examination.

A New York Times / New York Public Library Best Illustrated Children's Book 2019

Monkey On The Run

A traffic jam becomes the ultimate playground for Monkey as he leaps from one vehicle to another, finding stories as he goes.

Written by Leo Timmers

  • Description

    Papa Monkey and Little Monkey are on their way home. But the street is very busy and they are going so slowly!

    Monkey loses patience and jumps onto the fire engine. Up the ladder from there and he joins a TV crew! Then the rubbish truck, a rabbit takeaway stall packed with carroty treats, Arctic animals traveling by snow globe, a jewel thief’s getaway car…

    There is so much going on in the street, it’s become a playground!

    Each vehicle in this wordless picture book contains a world of detail, activity and humour to share with curious toddlers.

    By award-winning illustrator-author, Leo Timmers.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Belgium
    Reader Age 2-5 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Gecko Press

      New York Times / New York Public Library Best Illustrated Children’s Book 2019

  • Reviews

    1. Read It Daddy

      A gloriously artistic and stylish romp for a pair of engaging monkeys as they swing and sway their way through the traffic back home in time for tea.

    2. Books and Trailers for Kids and YA

      Perfect for oral language, sharing stories and using imagination.

    3. Outside In World

      Young readers will become completely absorbed as they discover the story within the story.

    4. The Source (Magpies magazine)

      Monkey on the Run is a satisfying addition to Timmers’ collection of crazy (but logical) cars.

    5. Poetry Box

      What a gorgeous curious fascinating UPLIFT of a book! I am still smiling from eyes to toes.

    6. North Scotland Newspapers

      Bizarre, but brilliant for tots.

    7. Agnew Reading

      Monkey on the Run is a joyous story told entirely in pictures. This makes it a skilfully-laid trap for all those who think they don’t like reading.

    8. Lancashire Post

      The ideal book to share with grown-ups and rev up the imaginations of even the youngest children!

    9. Goodreads: Barbara

      Readers will notice something new each time they read this one.

    10. Midwest Book Review

      In author and illustrator Leo Timmers’ wordless picture book “Monkey on the Run”, children will be enormously entertained from first page to last, making this unique picture book very highly recommended for family, elementary school, and community library collections.

    11. Waking Brain Cells

      The bustle and rush of the traffic would seem to make a fast-paced book, but this is one to linger over and enjoy following the adventures of a little monkey through the wildness of the different modes of transportation.

    12. Youth Services Book Review

      The illustrations in the book are so colorful and detailed that I can see several different stories coming out of this one book. “Reading” this book would be a great opportunity to let a child’s imagination go wild and see what they come up with while looking at the pictures.

    13. Publishers Weekly

      Weathered textures lend each vehicle a comic gravitas, and the way the conveyances interact offers mechanical and character-based amusement. Through it all, the curious little monkey remains admirably cool and mischievously confident—and as delighted by the surroundings as readers will be.

Available worldwide from your local bookstore or online.

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