Adding your own story to Mihi

Mihi is Gavin Bishop’s beautiful new baby book that introduces ideas of me and my place in the world in the shape of a simple mihi or pepeha.Mihi

A mihi, mihimihi, pepeha is a way of introducing yourself and making connections to other people and places

This is Gavin Bishop’s mihi:

Ko Mātaatua tōku waka
Ko Pūtauaki tōku maunga
Ko Rangitaiki tōku awa
Ko Pukeko tōku marae
Ko Ngāti Awa tōku iwi
Ko Bishop tōku whānau
Ko Hinepau tōku māmā
Ko Stanley Alan tōku pāpā
Ko Gavin Bishop ahau

And here is a video of Gavin reading his mihi as he uses the book:

Mihi introduces the idea of a mihi or pepeha and you can expand and add your own story as you share and read it aloud.

There are also lots of useful resources online to help people create their own mihi or pepeha:

Before Gavin was able to create his mihi, he first needed to learn his family history.

Here is the story of how he discovered his whakapapa.

Mihi is available now from wherever you buy or consume your books and on our website.

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