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The Holidays



A stunning book from a master illustrator that evokes the scent of summer and the complications of friendship

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    The summer holidays were here. I had the garden, the fields, the lake and the sun—all to myself!

    And then Grandfather brought something home that tipped everything out of balance …

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    Country of Origin France
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    1. Zoe Aubugeau-Williams (Twitter)

      Finally got around to giving the new Blexbolex a proper “read”. It’s beautiful, bizarre and such an incredible feat of visual storytelling. He’ll always be one of my favs.

    2. Pam Norfolk, Black Pool Gazette (UK)

      Each beautifully textured and detailed picture cleverly reflects the little girl’s changing moods, her flights of imagination and her colourful dreams, allowing children to mentally climb on board with the adventure and work out the mysteries hidden in the story

    3. Book Trailers 4 Kids and YA (NZ)

      This is one of those books to read over and over and still see something different everytime

    4. Bobs Book Blog

      It is a superb creation from a french artist who is known throughout the world and says this a story about experience. It sure is. If it is possible to put mime on paper then this is it

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