A sturdy, fat, little board book, just the right size for the tiny fingers of pre-readers.

The Dominion Post on The Noisy Book

Noisy Dominoes


A fun card game based on the best-selling The Noisy Book by Soledad Bravi

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  • Description

    In Noisy Dominoes, each player imitates the noise of the object or animal on their card, or mimes the action—groans and laughter are guaranteed!

    • This classic game has all the energy of the books, and has a twist to ensure lots of noisy fun for all players
    • The appealing sturdy box has a pull-out drawer to house the cards
    • Includes two skill levels

  • Reviews

    1. Bookrapt (NZ)

      Be prepared for tremendous fun, endless entertainment, uproarious laughter, and hoarse throats. The dominoes and the book make an excellent companion gift.

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