Both my boys grin from ear-to-ear at Max’s antics.

Tall, Short, Tiny and a Pickle (NZ)

Max’s Bath

This much-loved tale is now available as a boardbook—perfect for being held by little hands.

Translated by Julia Marshall

  • Description

    Max’s Bath is a wonderful first book for toddlers. It perfectly captures the play world of children and the delight and frustration of Max’s bath time adventures. These include splashing about, submerging every toy in the water, and generally having as much fun as possible!

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Sweden
    Reader Age 0-2 year, 2-5 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. The School Library (NZ Book Council), April 2015

      A delight … Perfectly captures the familiar play world and daily life of a young child with simple toys, in a warm and comforting home.

    2. Book Trailers for Kids and YA (NZ), February 2015

      Max and his dog have little adventures; the kind every young child can relate to. … Gentle and sweet.

    3. Tall, Short, Tiny and a Pickle (NZ), March 2015

      Captures the wonderful playtime that having a bath can (and should!) be; everything ends up in the water, including a very reluctant Dog, and Max is in his element … Both my boys grin from ear-to-ear at Max’s antics.

    4. Bookrapt (NZ), reviewed by Jean Bennett, February 2015

      [The author and illustrator] collaboration in the Max series is a superb combination of talents … All three books would make a great gift.

Available worldwide from your local bookstore or online.

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