Sure to elicit squeals, shrieks, and many, many repeated readings.

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Help! The Wolf is Coming!

Oh no! The wolf is coming! He’s getting closer and closer—you’d better turn the page, tilt the book, shake it, and then slam it shut.

An interactive boardbook for toddlers.

Translated by Linda Burgess

  • Description

    Help! The wolf is coming!

    In this interactive book, you need to follow the instructions to make sure the
    wolf won’t get you.

    He’s a bit scary—maybe he wants to eat us! But here’s an idea: if we hold the book on a lean, maybe the wolf will slip and fall… And if he holds onto a branch, maybe we can shake the book so he drops off… Or maybe it’s enough to turn the page to make him disappear… Let’s try!

    Bye-bye wolf!

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin France
    Reader Age 2-5 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Booklist (US), November 2015

      The interactive element is a rush that’s sure to elicit squeals, shrieks, and many, many repeated readings.

    2. The School Library, NZ Book Council, June 2015

      A must buy for every pre-school and recommended for primary schools, especially those where students do not have access to many books before starting school. A terrific book to get children interested in reading, as well as a shared activity.

    3. Lancashire Evening Post (UK), June 2015

      Get ready for the shrieks and giggles that will accompany this brilliant book which teaches that reading is fun and following instructions is a delightful game. . Looks set to become a classic.

    4. Playing By the Book (UK), June 2015

      Tests the boundaries of what it means to be a book and engage with it . This book is sizzlingly good fun to share . Delicious desire, finely tuned tension, wit, power, giggles and exhilaration are all to be found in its pages.

    5. Gisborne Herald (NZ), March 2015

      A good introduction to reading for the littlies, ideal for a parent to sit with their child and share this page-turning adventure.

    6. Picture Books Blogger (UK), May 2015

      We had great fun following the instructions laid out for us and much tilting, shaking and turning of pages was done. … Such an ingenious way of engaging a much younger audience and one that can’t fail to please parents and children alike.

    7. Booksellers (NZ), May 2015

      It was wonderful to see a child interacting in this way with a real book. A wolf can be a bit scary – is he chasing us or does he want to catch and eat us up? I was trying hard not to laugh too much as I was reading this.

    8. Bookrapt (NZ), May 2015

      An interactive pleasure that turns shared reading upsidedown and allows youngsters to enjoy having control over a scary creature.

    9. NZ Herald, April 2015

      [Takes] a spare and straightforward approach to the prose and illustrations but that won’t lessen the fun kids will have tilting, turning and shaking the book as they try to tumble the approaching wolf off a cliff.

    10. Create a Kids Book (Australia), May 2015

      This is an interactive book – the wolf is coming, and you have to tilt the book, then shake it then slam it shut, physically. And see what happens to the wolf with every move! This will teach the tiny child exactly how a book works – see, when you shut the book the wolf has gone – or has he, you can open it again and take a peek – oh yes, he’s still there now!

Available worldwide from your local bookstore or online.

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