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A magnificent search-and-find book of mazes and more, from the author of international bestseller Timeline.


  • Description

    Finn wakes up with a start. The goblins are on the loose and the house is in an uproar! When they flee, Finn’s dog Sep follows so Finn quickly gathers his clothes to join the chase…

    Each spread in this exquisitely drawn book is packed with detail, and the text gives the reader tasks along with telling the story: help Finn gather his clothes; find a mouse, three bulls, five rabbits; find the right keys for the right lock; locate the beginning and end of each maze…

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Belgium
    Reader Age 5-7 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Lucy, Children’s Bookshop (NZ)

      Each page contains a maze and lots of things to find as we follow Finn through a fantastical fabulous world…There are just so many cool things to see in the highly detailed pictures.

    2. My Book Corner (UK)

      Let me say from the beginning, this book is a stunner! It’s got ‘gift potential’ written all over it. Rich in detail and brilliantly imaginative, it held our attention for an absolute age.

    3. Sue Esterman (The Reader)

      This is a lovely book. The use of one colour and black and white on each double-page spread is unusual, and makes it more challenging to find the clues, but my 7-year-old niece hung in there and we found 99.9% of what we should have found.
      Peter Goes has a great imagination, and I think it is great to have a book about goblins, which is my personal favourite kind of magic creature.
      It’s a big step up from Where’s Wally! Highly recommended.

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