This fairy tale is updated with some attitude and a gentle poking of fun at fairy-tale tropes

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Dulcinea in the Forbidden Forest


A funny illustrated fairy tale for early readers about the brave and capable Dulcinea, who must save her father from the witch’s spell and get him home to celebrate her birthday.

Written and illustrated by Ole Könnecke, translated by Shelley Tanaka.



  • Description

    Dulcinea has known since she was small not to enter the dangerous magic forest where the witch has her castle. But her father hasn’t come home from collecting blueberries for her birthday pancakes. Did the witch cast a spell on him?

    Dulcinea must brave the dark forest and sneak into the witch’s castle to steal the spell book and free him. Her father would hardly have named her after the brave Dulcinea if she couldn’t break a witch’s spell to celebrate her birthday with him!

    This is a funny fairy tale for children starting on independent reading, with warm and characterful illustrations and a witty story.

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Germany
    Reader Age 6-8 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Hannah, NetGalley-Reviewer

      The modern illustrations give a nice touch to the story, which can be read in one sitting. I really enjoyed it.

    2. Kirkus Reviews

      This fairy tale is updated with some attitude and a gentle poking of fun at fairy-tale tropes. There are also some seriously funny illustrations. The juxtaposition of Dulcinea’s earnest, often deadpan mien and the witch’s over-the-top dramatic expressions is priceless.

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