It’s in the tradition of Where’s Wally? but this is more interesting and challenging

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100 People

Will keep under-4s busy for hours. It’s in the tradition of Where’s Wally? but this is more interesting and challenging.
Herald On Sunday, December 2013

  • Description

    A follow-up to the popular look-and-find books Dinosaurs Galore and 100 Things.

    It’s time to start playing hide-and-seek! Are you ready? Find the pirates, the kings, the schoolchildren and more!

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin Japan
    Reader Age 2-5 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. SLA Magazine (UK), April 2014

      It is the ultimate tool for parents, teachers and librarians who want to keep a child or group of children quiet for hours. But I think there are genuine uses for children on the autistic spectrum too – lots and lots of practice in distinguishing facial expressions, but in an extremely enjoyable context. Truly absorbing and a great investment.

    2. Monkey Makes Three (NZ), October 2013

      It’s a book that I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of – there’s always something new to see each time we come back to it.

    3. The Book Chook (Aus), March 2014

      These books are not only great entertainment, but often bridge the gap for children who may think they don’t like to read… bold, simple and quirky. I can see kids appreciating the simplicity of the people portrayed, and using the art work as fuel for their own creations… Children lucky enough to receive this book as a gift will enjoy it as is, but also have a ball sharing it with a friend. Such books as 100 People are made to be shared!

    4. The Source (Aus), February 2014

      This large format book combines amusement and counting practice, along with a valuable lesson on the importance of distinguishing details. It is also great fun.

    5. Wanganui Chronicle, December 2013

      ‘Look and find’ activity types are a keen favourite for most children … Masayuki Sebe, well known for his activity books, keeps up the good work… The funny and bold illustrations are sure to keep children from 4 and above amused and entertained on a rainy summer’s day during the holidays and beyond.

    6. Herald on Sunday, December 2013

      A look-and-find book that will keep under-4s busy for hours. It’s in the tradition of Where’s Wally? but this is more interesting and challenging… Even adults may find themselves compelled to search for the lost turtle and the Santa with the red sack.

    7. Get Ahead Kids Magazine, December 2013

      Keep children engaged and entertained for hours searching for pirates, kings, and even cave people amongst the brightly illustrated pages of this book. This is a hide and seek format book with many hidden extras perfect for sharpening observation and concentration skills.

    8. Swings and Roundabouts, December 2013

      Written and illustrated in the `Where’s Wally’ tradition of activity books with dozens of small stories to discover the illustrations. The illustrations are endearing, fun, quirky and deceptively simple, I say `deceptively’ because when you take a closer look at the characters you notice the many different expressions on the faces of these characters from fear to amusement to puzzlement.

    9. Kids Voice (AUS), December 2013

      Lavishly designed with great detail and dozens of small stories to discover within the illustrations. These amusing details will keep children (and parents!) entertained even after they’ve answered the questions… a delightful picture book that can be reread and enjoyed time and time again.

    10. Child Magazine, December 2013

      Where’s Wally? fans out there will enjoy this book, which adds a twist to the `look-and-find’ concept… the illustrations are cute and fun, with jokes and mini challenges throughout.

    11. Kid Mag (AUS), December 2013

      With bold and funny illustrations you will find dozens of small stories to discover within the illustrations. Spend time scouring the pages with kids, answering the questions on each spread and discovering new things every time you flip through the fun-filled pages.

    12. Magpies, November 2013

      100 People is educational in the best sense of the word. It is also endlessly entertaining.

    13. Kids’ Book Review, November 2013

      Each double page spread features a riotous scene… Speech bubbles and ‘can you finds’ encourage kids to peruse the pages in search of the right face-a fine way to help littlies coordinate their identification skills, and take great pleasure in the many and varied emotions on the myriad people to be found. Stacks of fun-and a real treat for illustration lovers.

    14. Tiny, Short and Pickle Blog, November 2013

      The double-pages are brilliantly chaotic – there’s no chance to get bored with what’s going on with each theme. The illustrations are bold and quirky, with easily-identified aspects which both amuse and educate little searchers.

    15. Parents in Touch (UK), November 2013

      Another detail-packed book to pore over and enjoy. You’ll find something new every time you look, there is so much here…Hours of fun with stories being told and jokes being passed on.

    16. Create, Hope, Inspire Blog, November 2013, November 2013

      The kind of book you should keep in your handbag (mother-ship hold-all). Every page has a hundred different somebodies and a set of special somebodies at the top to spot on that particular page.

    17. The Bookbag (UK), November 2013

      A surprisingly engaging book. In the most unusual way, you can spend a very long time looking at just 2 pages.

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