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My Dog Mouse Eva Lindstrom Gecko Press

My Dog Mouse

Friendship, humour and heartbreak in one dog walk: for anyone who knows what it is to love an old, slow dog with ears as thin as pancakes.

Translated by Julia Marshall

Sports Are Fantastic Fun. Children's Book by Gecko Press


All Gecko Press books for children aged 5+ come with teacher notes. They are written by teachers for teachers, and intended to be open and active. Here you will find ways to work with individual titles in the classroom. Annual edited by Kate De Goldi and Susan Paris The Bakehouse by Joy Cowley Bicycling to… Read more »

Gecko Press spot art from A Day With Dogs, a dog wearing red glasses

Happy Year of the Dog!

This year is the year of the dog… Let’s celebrate with a selection of books about dogs!

In praise of not-sameness: cabbage and cake

Diversity is much talked about in terms of race, gender and so on, but there is another level that is also important: in the current English-language book market, there is much that is the same. Sameness can make us all feel safe, but in our reading business, safeness is the end.

For me, risk-taking and adventure are the heart of good publishing, good book buying (and selling) and good reading; these things all belong together.