Day in the life of Kristina Sigunsdotter

On Thursday 21st April author Kristina Sigunsdotter took over the Gecko Press Instagram account to give an insight into how she created The Secrets of Cricket Karlsson with illustrator Ester Eriksson.

Kristina Sigunsdotter and Ester Eriksson

Take a look at what she shared:

Hi! I’m Kristina, author of The Secrets of Cricket Karlsson. I live in a town called Malmö in the southern part of Sweden. I usually write my books sitting on the couch in my living room, with the view of the sky, the ceilings and my new—very happy—lamp!

My two children and tiny fan club.

An author-illustrator portrait by Ester.













We’ve been friends for a long time.

We were in a not-so-secret gang.

Ester’s studio at the Royal Institute of Art.

Here is where Cricket Karlsson was born. At the Malmö Public Library.

There are two books about Cricket Karlsson in Sweden, and her Swedish name is Humlan Hansson.

Want to know a secret? Some of Cricket’s secrets are actually mine! Can you guess which five from Cricket’s diary on page 26?