Beautifully offbeat, gorgeously illustrated and with an uplifting message about friendship, diversity, understanding and loyalty

Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Post (UK)


An enduring bestseller at last available in English, this is a masterful picture book about a rabbit and a wolf who want to be best friends

Written by Grégoire Solotareff

Translated by Daniel Hahn

  • Description

    Hardback cover of ‘Wolfy’

    Once upon a time there was a rabbit who had never seen a wolf, and a young wolf who had never seen a rabbit.

    The pair meet and become firm friends. Rabbit teaches the wolf to play marbles, read, count and fish. Wolf teaches Rabbit to run very, very fast.

    But eventually their friendship is tested by the classic game Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf.
    Can the little rabbit and the young wolf remain best friends in all the world?

    The popular Loulou has sparked a series about this wolf and rabbit friendship, including Loulou: Stronger than the Wolf and Loulou at Wolf School.

    A book for kids ages 5-8

  • Book Details

    Country of Origin France
    Reader Age 5-7 year, 6-8 year
    Book Size

  • Reviews

    1. Children’s Book Committee (verified owner)

      Best Children’s Books of the Year 2019 Edition: Five to Nine

  • Reviews

    1. Literacy Daily ILA Blog (verified owner)

      French author/illustrator Grégoire Solotareff uses bold black lines and large blocks of bright primary colors for dramatic effect in this story of the ups and downs of friendship.

    2. createhopeinspire (NZ) (verified owner)

      A wonderful commentary on the power of empathy and friendships that defy odds. Sure to please – especially if you like playing ‘who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

    3. Kiwi families (verified owner)

      This story is so much deeper than its simple premise! Within, and underlying, the few lines of text are ideas on friendship, bullying, fear, differences, tolerance, racial issues and understanding…The true depth of this book is discovered not during the story, but in the conversations you hold with your child after it’s finished.

    4. Center For Literacy In Primary Education (UK) (verified owner)

      Staff favourites for Children in 2017

    5. Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Post (UK) (verified owner)

      Beautifully offbeat, gorgeously illustrated and with an uplifting message about friendship, diversity, understanding and loyalty, this is a warm and wise book which will delight both youngsters and their parents.

    6. Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (UK), Staff Picks of the Year 2017 (verified owner)

      I am so happy to see the classic Loulou, the creation of one of the most popular French picture book makers, available in English at last.

    7. Baby Book Worms (UK) (verified owner)

      I love the vibrantly coloured and expressive illustrations and best of all the feelings of love, compassion and empathy that flow throughout the story. I highly, highly recommend this book and understand completely why so many people want it included in their family (and school) collection.

    8. Marion Dreadon, The Reader (NZ) (verified owner)

      This book hooks you in from the cover onwards, and uses vibrant, colourful illustrations to great effect, complementing the text and engaging the reader in the story. The story is well paced with a great dollop of humour that will make both adult and child reader alike laugh

Available worldwide from your local bookstore or online.

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